Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Days

Remember when a snow day was the greatest thing imaginable? We were lucky enough to grow up in walking distance of some of our best friends so, inevitably, a snow day included some combination of Crow, L&R, usually Kat, and me all at one of the houses. If sledding was on the agenda, it was L&R's house. If games and a fire in the fireplace were the goals, they'd come to us. My mother would hand over the dining room, with the fireplace and the large table and the access to the kitchen and be on the porch. L&R's mom would be...somewhere...while we hung out outside or in the tv room or around the kitchen table. Both made sure we had warm lunches and then...disappeared. Close enough for shouting but not there with us.

Today is a snow day here at the Cathouse. The Princess Kitty has been out with her best friend (also in walking distance). The squealing and fun of outdoors has turned into the squealing and fun of indoors. Snow was gathered and has been made into snow cream or snow ice cream or whatever name you give it. Princess Kitty's is pink. Best Friend's is green. I have no doubt hot cocoa will appear at some point in the day. And it's only 11:30.

As for Lithus and me? We're down in the basement. I've learned what my mom and L&R's mom were doing now; they were maintaining snow day sanity. Are we close enough for shouting? Of course. But sanity is good, too. The women who helped raise me taught me well. Sometimes, there's no shame in hiding. Let's hear it for snow days. And hiding.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


appsRus said...

Good times! Enjoy...

Dreamer said...

So remember that snow night/day that we had together? Where we watched terrible movies like Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst and talked about how insane The Departed was? All while we would walk outside onto the landing and watch the snow fall.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Snow days were the best . . . and you had it even better since your friends were right down the street. I never had too many myself (except for one year living in Mass (near Stowe) when I was in kindergarten), but when they arrived, it was an absolutely killer time each and every session. Hope things are well Pobble.

CrackerLilo said...

Sounds wonderful, though I never had anything like that in Florida. I'm really just happy to read the update about you (and Cats, too!) *hugs*

BostonPobble said...

AppsRus ~ Good times, indeed. We actually ended up having a lovely afternoon shopping with the girls later that day.

Dreamer ~ And how we bundled you up in my Maritime Marines peacoat in an attempt to keep you warm and dry! I still have that picture. :)

$$ ~ Snow days were excellent for us. And yes, we're doing well here. Thanks, $$.

CrackerLilo ~ You really missed out with no snow days as a kid. They were good, good times. Of course, it sucked in summer when you had to keep going longer because you'd missed too many days but that was always forgotten by next winter and the next round of snow days!