Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to Work...Kinda

Once again, I have a deadline. As many of you learned, right along with me last year, I am very deadline oriented. Knowing that something has to be done...eventually...doesn't do me much good. Knowing that something has to be done by a specific date is exactly what I need. I'm not a big procrastinator ~ not for any real length of time, anyway. It's not that I work better under pressure. I tend to work streadily and consistently between the time I get the deadline and the deadline itself. The end game is simply important to me in my professional world. And to a certain extent, I've always been this way. Back when I did theatre, I would bust my ass (and often did literally, not just figuratively) for a show but classes? Meh. I would (partly because I could) phone them in.

This bit me in the ass last year with the second book (available for pre-order wherever books are sold, just in case you've forgotten *wink*) when I went from having no deadline to having one six weeks out. This year, it's a little better. The first third of the book, preferably by Feb. 15, with an extension to March 1 if I need it. Considering I got about 12,000 words in before my life crashed around my ears, this is infinitely do-able.

Plus, and let's be really honest here, it's nice to have something to do again. 2010 is already looking better.

As for Lithus, I'm not going to jinx anything. I've learned this industry; even "done deals" aren't necessarily Done Deals the way you and I think about Done Deals. All that being said, it's looking better on that front, as well. Please, this is almost done.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Hermes said...

I took theatre at York U in Toronto in 1988. If I was absent without a note from a doctor, I was OUT of the program. Late three times, same deal. How come I wasn't allowed to phone anything in?
I am going to shop for this pre-order now. Exciting.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Great to hear things are looking up in 2010 Pobble. Mine is as well, or at least showing signs of life. Ha.

I get you on the deadlines, and I try to impose them on myself, although those never work out quite so well. If you've got 12,000 words in the can, then you can hit the Feb deadline. Bet on it.

Here's to good writing and the start of an even better year, eh?

appsRus said...

It's nice to have work and be ahead of the curve! Happy writing...

BostonPobble said...

GOML! ~ You obviously went to the wrong schools. ;)

$$ ~ Self-imposed deadlines don't work quite as well, do they? Still, I got a remarkable amount of this written back during the Sept challenge you helped me through. Three days in and I'm still transcribing so I really think I'm good.

appsRus ~ So true. And thanks. {{{hugs}}}