Monday, February 08, 2010


We are here! We are here! We are here!

the helicopter aviation industry is...interesting. here's the short version:

Mexico fell through because of an international smuggling incident. I'm not kidding.

the Friday night before we are scheduled to leave, Lithus gets a call from a company in New Orleans, offering him a job. they have called his references, checked on how to get him an expedited US citizenship is needbe, and have suggestions of areas of town we could rent if we're interested. they want him there ASAP, so it's a good thing we were already planning on being on the road the next day. he accepts and it is decided that we will be there by Tuesday in order to talk money, timing, etc. we arrive in New Orleans and Lithus has lunch with them. things haven't worked out the way the company had expected and the first gig isn't coming together as quickly. they offer him a training captain job but that doesn't start for 4-8 weeks and they can't bring him on yet. I'm not kidding. they don't talk about money. Lithus tells them he hopes to still be available in 4-8 weeks, meanwhile, if the contract that was supposed to start that week comes through, they are to call him.

we make our way through the Gulf Coast states, knocking on doors and dropping of resumes. it's very Grapes of Wrath only with hotels. he makes several good contacts and gets his face put with his resume. many people say he will be their first choice once they have work. they still don't hire him.

Tuesday, he calls the original, NO company and they say that, while it's 60% that the contract will go through but they still can't bring him on now. we hit the road for Crow Mother's in NV. we arrived Friday evening, 14 days after originally leaving CT for a job in NO, where we will stay until someone, somewhere, actually offers him a job with a salary and start date. and even then, as we learned from Malaysia, there's no guarantee.

and this is the short version. :) roflmao

and how are you?

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Hermes said...

Wow. Adventure. Is this the off-season? Are things going to pick up in the Spring? It sounds like working in a First Nation School. No jobs until March, when everyone knows and has told their employers. Then its a gong show trying to find the right job.

MikeC said...

Thank you for the update, and keep "travelling hopefully." Hang in there!

Rose said...

When it happens, it will be the one. Keep your head up.

Krystal said...

I know what the baby is ... I posted a picture ... if you're interested that is. :)

2 Dollar Productions said...

It started off great w/ the international smuggling incident (seriously, very cool thing to write, :)), but sorry about the rest as that just sounds tedius, tiring and frustrating as hell. Hang in there Pobble & things will turn . . . feel it.

BostonPobble said...

GOML! ~ Yes, the industry is slow from Oct through Feb or March ~ at which point everyone is looking for a pilot. We're looking forward to the getting-to-choose part of this adventure.

Mike C ~ They are few and far between these days, I know, but I will keep the updates coming. Promise.

Rose ~ Thanks for the vote of confidence. A reminder every now and then is helpful.

Krystal ~ Beautiful. :D

$$ ~ The international smuggling thing was indeed as cool to write as you think it would be. >:) As for the rest, it's starting to look up so we're hopeful ~ but we've been here before too, so we're a little jaded, as well. rofl