Monday, June 14, 2010

Because There's *Always* A Story

Why is there a picture of two cans of (cheap) beer at the top of this post?

Because there's always a story...

Lithus left Thursday
for a fire in the middle of nowhere. And by out in the middle of nowhere, I mean they had to have oil drops because the helicopter's fuel capacity wouldn't get them there, let alone bring them back. He was literally more than halfway to Siberia. Literally. At least his mechanic threw extra bug repellent, the tent and bag into the back of helicopter, just in case.

Saturday night,
he gets back here and goes directly into the shower (he has, afterall, just spent 40 hours in the tundra). When he gets out, he is so happy to be clean, have a bed and sheets, that he just stretches out in all his glory on the bed. About 10 minutes later, our door opens. He jumps; I jump; and the poor smokejumper who is in the wrong room, jumps. The door slams and by the time I (who am fully dressed) can get back to the door and get it open again, the smokejumper has fled all the way down the hall and is already leaving the building. Lithus and I laugh and then forget about it...until 20 minutes later when there is a knock on the door.

Lithus pulls on pants, I open the door ~ and there stands our smokejumper, red as a beet, eyes downcast, and holding 2 beers in outstretched hands. He manages to stammer out "here, for the inconvenience earlier...sorry." At which point Lithus laughs, saying, "yeah, you saw my ass." and the jumper just goes redder, starts blathering about how he just tripped and fell into the door and he's really sorry and didn't mean to and, and, and... I took the beer; Lithus stuck out his hand; and they shook on it. We're still laughing about it. Overall, though, I have to admit to being quite impressed with the way the smokejumper handled the whole thing. It was a classy move. Of course, I've also told Lithus that if his ass is worth 2 beers, I'm going to start pimping him out.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


CrackerLilo said...

You said in the last post that things are ungodly expensive in Alaska--I'll bet those cheap beers weren't cheap and pimping Lithus out might be worth it! (I still can't believe the $6 chips; not even in NYC are you asked to pay that unless you're getting, like, Terras or something.) Seriously, I'm glad there are people willing to do that kind of work in the world.

MikeC said...

Once again, clicking Like!

Hermes said...

Crack open a cold one! Sory, bad joke. Beer for ass is a good deal. Seriously consider the pimp thing.

kimber said...

I sense a new unit of measurement.... "Mmm, yep, that's a 2-beer ass, right there."

BostonPobble said...

Cracker Lilo ~ You know on some commercials, the fine print at the bottom that reads "prices may be higher in Alaska and Hawaii"...they don't lie.

Mike C ~ :)

GOML! ~ It was there. How could you not make that joke????

Wolfgrrrl ~ Oooo! I like it!