Saturday, March 22, 2014

We Knew the Results, But Still...

Want to hear a story? It starts back in October...

For as long as I've needed annual exams (which is code for pap smears and such for the female parts of me), I have gotten them in October. My birthday is in October, so it was a good way to remember them back when I was a teenager and not nearly as interested in remembering such things as I would eventually become. So, this past October, I went to my primary for my annual exam. Only...

Only I had been spotting in between periods and I have a history of completely innocuous ovarian cysts and am in perimenopause, so my primary decided he would send me to an OBGYN. I trust my primary, so when he said he wanted me to see someone else, I was happy to go see someone else.

Dr. Someone Else found a uterine polyp. Oh joy. It could be cancer. Rarely is, but could be, and who wants to fuck with could be. To be completely honest, I have always known I didn't have cancer. I just...didn't. And I knew it. At the same time, once the specter of cancer is raised, it needs to be vanquished. So fine. Biopsy.

Now, Dr. Someone Else and I weren't a good match, but I was willing to let him biopsy said uterine polyp. When it was negative, I could get another referral from my primary for any further steps that needed to be taken. On the off chance it was positive, Lithus and I were heading back to Boston immediately for treatment. Either way, he wasn't going to be my doctor for anything important.

The biopsy was negative. Yay, and to be expected. So, I got a referral to another doctor, Dr. Gyn ~ and I liked her a lot. Within minutes of meeting her, I knew I was with the right person. What do you know, she answered my questions! She drew pictures. She explained herself and my body.

As it turns out, a negative biopsy is only the first step when dealing with the uterus. Know this ~ a uterine polyp can be benign itself, while still indicating a deeper, undiagnosed cancer. Which meant I was going to need a D&C ~ which really means dilation and curettage, but my cousin used to call "dusting and cleaning" so I cannot think of the phrase without hearing Becky ~ the polyp removed, and the removal site ablated. Then all of that would be sent to pathology, tested, and once it came back clear, we could rest easy.

By this time, we are here in March. March 3rd, to be exact, because it was Lundi Gras and getting to the hospital for the appointment was a goat rodeo - plus, I missed Lundi Gras! Digressing... It's March 3rd and Lithus is out of town. I'm here in NOLA for this appointment with Dr. Gyn. She explains all of the above to me and that she usually performs surgeries and procedures on Fridays, but says "we will schedule this whenever you and your husband's schedule allows." Which is a nice thing to say, but no one really means.

On Friday night, March 7th, Lithus is told he'll be heading home Sunday. Whoo-hoo! Love it when Lithus gets home. So, Monday, March 10th, I called Dr. Gyn's office and asked if there was any way I might get in to get all this handled this week. Her nurse will get back to me. Wednesday, we were in her office, going over any last questions; sitting across from pre-admit, signing consent forms; getting prescriptions for pain meds. And Friday morning, I was at the hospital, being prepped for the procedure. Done and done. She had, indeed, scheduled this "whenever (our) schedule allows."

Friday through Sunday is a bit of a blur. Monday was spent still on the couch. By Wednesday, I was 100% and even cleared to workout again. Friday, the pathology reports came back - negative, as expected. I've waited to write this post until I could officially close that circle. As with my heart condition, once I was connected with the right doctor, it all happened very quickly.

No more waiting. No more wondering. No more anticipation until the next appointment, the next phone call, the next procedure. There is no next. We're done. And everything is as it should be. As we knew it would be. I truthfully was not concerned about the results, almost to the point of being concerned about how unconcerned I was. But the weight of dealing with it all has been more than I'd realized. Now that it's gone, I can feel how heavy it was. It's good to put it all down and walk away.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Anonymous said...

Such a miserable experience, that time spent waiting. And you think you're handing it so well until the weight of it is gone. Great post.

BostonPobble said...

So and so ~ Sounds like the voice of experience. Happy it's over for both of us.