Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am slowly returning to the land of the not-under-a-rock-nonwriters-without-looming-deadlines. You probably know the one I mean. It's the one where people don't speak in definition form and rarely discuss the differences between bonds and debt securities (all bonds are debt securities but not all debt securities are bonds ~ in case you were wondering.)

The deadline was officially met last Thursday but our editor is on vacation right now so I'm sitting on the manuscript for the time being. I'll send it next week. No way does this thing get lost in her inbox. No way.

Meanwhile, here are some things I have learned the past few weeks:

* if you spend enough 14-16 hour days at the computer, sleep becomes a non-event. it is nothing more than the thing which allows your brain to function for the next 14-16 hours;

* if you look at the word "loan" often enough in one 14-16 hour sitting, those letters in that configuration cease to have any meaning whatsoever;

* the apartment complex is very quiet during Lionel's last walk when the last walk occurs at 3:00 a.m.;

* Lionel seems very loud on his last walk when the last walk occurs at 3:00 a.m.;

*it is impossible to write on a subject about which I really know nothing with World of Warcraft in the background;

* it is possible to code a manuscript about which I really know nothing with World of Warcraft in the background;

*eating nothing but strawberries and toast for two days makes me very hungry on day three;

* a cut on the tip of one's left index finger causes many typos when the bandage is larger than the tip of one's finger usually is and it takes about three days to adjust to aforementioned bandage and stop making so many aforementioned typos;

* a lot of keys fall under the left index finger when one is typing;

* Lionel can get up the stairs of the new place;

* Lionel cannot yet get down the stairs of the new place;

* that barking you hear is Lionel at the top of the stairs;

* coffee made by Lithus tastes better when I'm working than coffee I've made myself;

* it is easier, more peaceful and all around better to work when Lithus and Timber are at home than it is to work when they are away. In spite of World of Warcraft.

Those are Pobble Thoughts ~ which will soon be followed by more regularly scheduled Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

The points which included World of Warcraft made me laugh and nod my head in appreciation... S! For the love of Thrall, turn down the volume!

Glad to hear you met your deadlines -- does this mean you get to kick back and relax for the rest of summer?

MikeC said...

So how does Lionel get downstairs?

BostonPobble said...

Wolfgrrrl ~ I thought about you and your wrists a lot with the bandaged finger. Even said out loud more than once "Wolfgrrrl, watch your fingers, too!" Glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with WOW. ;) And on the one hand, it sucks because no, I cannot relax now because I still have other deadlines. Just not as urgent and running on time. On the other hand, it's cool because no, I cannot relax now because I still have other deadlines. I know you understand that, too.

MikeC ~ I have to stop doing whatever it is that I'm doing, go get him and carry him back down. Luckily, in case you hadn't put this together, he is a 12 pound dachshund, so while it's annoying, it's not painful.

Dreamer said...

Yeah...about World of account is never up but HIS is always up...I'll be lounging in bed trying to do offical school work and I'll hear WoW in the background and will have to tell him to quiet his pvp'ing...thankfully he's sweet enough to have headphones...but that doesn't stop him from yelling out stuff when he's doing Karazahn and Zul Aman stuff...*sigh*

LRNs said...

I have two screens so I can type this replay and run my WoW auction house scans on the other! Wait, scan is done, time for dailies!

sttropezbutler said...

Glad your finished. Now on to the next!


sttropezbutler said...

And if you are still in edit mode...that should have you're not your. Hey, it is Sunday!


appsRus said...


Cam Pike said...

Congrats on finishing! It never ceases to amaze me how much better things are when the one you love does it for you. Get a drink, make dinner, whatever. Not out of obligation but simply because they want to do it for you. It always seems to taste a little better.

Dennis R. Upkins said...

Congrats on meeting the deadline.

Casdok said...

Yes well done for meeting the deadline surviving on toast and strawberries!

cats said...

i should hook them up with my brother and slick who have special computers for world of warcraft.

glad you are slowly returning and that the book is done!

CrackerLilo said...

So happy to hear you met your deadline and are starting to emerge from under the deadline-induced rock!!!!!

The life of a working writer sounds every bit as glamorous as I envisioned as a little girl. ;-)

traci said...

Well hello there my dear. It's nice to see you back in the land of blogging. I've been checking in periodically to see if you were back.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Congratulations on meeting the deadline - not that there was any doubt in my mind. Ha.

If you had time, it would have been interesting to keep a deadline, sleep-deprived journal as these observations you listed along with many other ones would give people a fine look at the stressed brain. Maybe a dictaphone so you wouldn't have to type anything else?

Regardless, that is great and I hope you are treating yourself to something fun and relaxing as I am a firm believer in rewards following hard work.

BostonPobble said...

Dreamer ~ Yeah, I Really.

Lrns ~ I really need to figure out if you and Lithus play the same server. *sigh*

Butler ~ It's time, indeed. And all comments left here are perfectly edited, typo-free and grammatically correct, regardless of their actual wording. :)

Appsrus ~ Thank you. {{{hug}}}

Cam Pike ~ My grandmother used to claim the reason her food tasted so good was the love she put in it. She had something there.

Denny ~ Thank you, too!

Casdok ~ I was amazed. You notice, however, the strawberry and toast consumption only lasted two days before my stomach overruled my need to be at the computer.

Lovely Cats ~ Me Too!

Cracker Lilo ~ Oh yeah. It's very glamorous. Especially on the days I realize I haven't showered since yesterday morning. *cringe*

Traci ~ I'm a bad penny. Never goes away forever.

$$ ~ Sometimes I think you're right and these things should be noted. Other times, well, it gets a little weird in there after about day 9. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

clientpressure said...

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