Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fashion and Alaska

First, let me say that the hospitality I've received at the little inn here in Clear has been impeccable. The owner is delightful and warm and welcoming. Just so there's no confusion after that last post.

Now...Lithus and I have identified three main fashion styles that I wear: Victorian Gothic; Rockabilly; and what Lithus has lovingly and with great appreciation dubbed "Fallujah journalist", e.g. cargo or capri pants, one of his button down shirts, flip flops and my hair pulled up and away from my face.

From the very beginning and that infamous trip to the North Carolina swamp, I have bopped around helibases in my heels, wearing my own style. The only time I wore sneakers was the hard push to get the aircraft back from Mexico in record time, and I was walking 5 miles a day every day that week, not to mention in and out of the aircraft and lugging luggage. Otherwise, I dress the way I dress.

Here in Clear, I'm playing my cards just a little differently. Spending more time dressed in my Fallujah journalist wear and less time in my Victorian Gothic. Were we going to be here all season, I might feel differently about it. I might, indeed, pull out my new heels and my black skirts and even my bangles. For only one more week, yeah, I can handle cargo pants and flip flops. But my heels are coming back out as soon as we hit Fairbanks. ;)

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Neo_Prodigy said...

Fallujah journalist. Wow. ;D

Hermes said...

See any caribou yet?

Hermes said...

btw, I'm sure you look just great, no matter the setting.

BostonPobble said...

Neo_Prodigy ~ So many reasons I love my life.

GOML! ~ No caribou yet. And still only one moose. I remain hopeful, however. BTW ~ I was going to email you today and *poof* you showed up here. Glad to see you. You've been missed.

GOML! ~ Always the charmer...