Sunday, February 06, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

I have been busy and flat out since mid last week. I have nothing to show for it and nothing to point to and say "that's what I was doing" but today is the first day I've stopped. I'm okay with this.

Freaked out a little bit today. Never cross the streams. One of the followers of Pauline tweeted about a site and a specific post that an IRL friend has talked about frequently. And it's not a viral video, but a somewhat obscure site and post. Seriously, people, don't cross the streams.

Lithus is flying a gig for NASA over the next couple days. It's "rocket collection." Please note, it's not "missle collection." They were very clear about this. Rocket.

He will be based out of Fairbanks. The good news is that Fairbanks has warmed up to 11 degrees during the day, so the temperature won't be crazy cold for him.

Two new pairs of jeans, my cool boots from the previous post, and new lipsticks. I'm not sure if it speaks well about my character how happy these little things continue to make me ~ or if it means I'm a little pathetic. Regardless, I continue to be deliriously happy.

Hm...what should've been the first in this list, perhaps...we are, once again, as of today, grandparents. As my step-daughter put it "tell Pobble she's officially a grandmother; I know she'll love that." At least it's already been established that I don't hold babies.

Looking at pictures from my Heart's visit, we held a lot of food. Mind you, it was really big food and worthy of holding. Just check out the pizza (and the two amazing men I got to spend my week with, of course).
Still, we held a lot of food. I'll see if I can get him to send me pictures he took on his camera for a more event-based, less food-holding-based post.

Was flipping back and forth between the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl ~ until the puppies all decided they were tired of entertaining the non-football people and just lay down. Plus, there were no dachhunds. What is the point of showing adoptable puppies if there are no dacschunds?

Egypt...Yeah. Others have said it better and more eloquently so I'll leave it at: Egypt. *sigh*

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


kimber said...

All I can say is... sweetmotherofpearl that's a LOT of pizza!

(And congrats on the grandmotherhood! Wow!)

Rose said...

Great looking pizza! It's nothing wrong with being happy about your new things...enjoy!