Saturday, March 12, 2011

Missing Politics

Over the last several weeks, I've had friends comment on the fact that Pobble Thoughts has been notably a-political. Admittedly, this has never been a political blog, but they popped up every now and again, especially when there have been events of note. And there have definitely been events of note recently.

I have been keeping track. I have been reading, researching, learning. I have been as aware as I've ever been. I've even been composing in my head. Posts on

* events in the Middle East
* the union protests in this country
* the similarities between events in the Middle East and the union protests in this country
* the use of the word deserve
* the closing of schools and the laying off of teachers
* the rape and subsequent victim blaming of an 11 year old girl
* and so many, many other topics...

But I'm also still very, very angry. Not a healthy, motivating anger, either. That I would embrace. No, I'm angry in an unhealthy, affect my relationships, make me a nasty person and change my personality angry. Not to mention incoherently angry, which doesn't please me at all. I like being coherent, erudite even. These days, I'm just a spewer, blathering out shit that only makes sense while it's still in my brain but falls apart once it comes out of my mouth, making my stance on something seem trite, superficial, and unclear. Writing about events and issues that increase that anger, especially when others are doing it better, more eloquently, coherently, and with far less flailing and gnashing of teeth, than I can...well, that I will leave aside. It's one thing to rant and rave to my friends, take a deep breath, and move on. It's another to put it here, where it will live forever, this incoherent angry blathering.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Krystal said...

I know that feeling. It sucks.