Friday, July 01, 2011

Not Here, Not Now

That is where and when I am. Or I'm not. Or something. You can't tell the players without a program folks. And while I'm not going to put everything that has happened in the last month out here, if you want the details, let me know; I'll fill you in as concisely as possible. Just know it's still a long story. But those are the best kind, don't you think? Yeah, me too.

Since last Monday, it's gone like this:
Monday, Sacramento, CA (lovely town)
Be told we'll have plenty of time to settle in.
Tuesday morning, be told Lithus is heading to AZ for 24-36 hours
Tuesday evening, be told Lithus is going to Sierra Vista, NM for 12 days instead. Make arrangements to fly to Tucson (via Las Vegas) and drive to Sierra Vista on Wednesday.
Tuesday night, be told Lithus isn't going to Sierra Vista, but is going to Safford, NM. We can still fly to Tucson and drive.
Wednesday, go to airport, check bags, head to security. Receive email telling Lithus he might be going to Alamogordo, NM and to stand-by.
Stand by...stand by...stand by...
Receive word we are to still fly to Tucson, meet up with chief pilot, and...something will happen from there.
Fly to Las Vegas. Receive word that Lithus is indeed going to drive to Alamogordo, just not sure when. Or where chief pilot is.
Fly to Tucson. Receive word Lithus is to spend night in Tucson, drive to Alamogordo Thursday. All without chief pilot. Who drops out of this story at this point.
Spend night in Tucson. Eat the most perfect scallop dinner ever prepared. Ever.
Thursday, drive to Alamogordo, New Mexico.

*whew* Now we're up to date.

Those are happy, back on the road again, Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee (but admission to see The Thing is only a dollar!).