Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When my dad first died, I marked a lot of time. I wasn't suicidal or anything. Even then, I knew there were too many adventures to have to even think like that. Plus, it would be the greatest insult to his memory and his parenting. But I did mark a lot of time, living for the time I would die and get to see him again.

Even once the grief changed and I stopped marking time, started actually living for living again, I often said that, given a relatively sound mind and body, I wouldn't want to live past my mid-to-late 80s because I didn't want to go without seeing my dad any longer than that.

Last night, Lithus and I got to talking about vampires (don't ask). It dawned on me that, while I would miss my dad deeply, if I were with Lithus, I would be want to be immortal. It's a silly, unrealistic thing to even consider. And it made me smile anyway.

Guess I married the right guy two years ago.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take 2

I'm a bit of a procrastinator. At the time I published yesterday's post, I still hadn't gotten Lithus a Valentine's Day card yet. Yeah...He, however, had presented me with flowers. And a poem. Yep. A poem. *Pobble dissolves into a puddle* Written by him, from his heart.

At the grocery store yesterday afternoon, there were several of us, looking at the cards. We got to chatting, the way strangers do, and bemoaning the fact that we had put off getting cards for our significant others until the last minute. Putting back yet another really bad card, I muttered "I got a poem." The woman next to me asked "Really?" "Yeah," I nodded. "How is one of these supposed to compete with a poem????" She shook her head. "You really can't." We laughed. I'm please to say I managed to do all right anyway. But let it be a lesson to you ~ you really can't compete with a poem.

My Flowers

Game hen, asparagus and couscous
  And yes, we ate in front of the television last night but here's why...

Casablanca in the background :)
 And last, but never least, my dear Lithus.

This isn't even how he was dressed for last night. This was just for going out the other day, rocking the Sean Jean on a random Friday to run errands. But he's gorgeous and I wanted to share. :)

Those are romantic, mushy, here's looking at you kid, Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yes, yes, yes, I know. It's a commercialized, artificial holiday, created by Hallmark and other evil corporations.

So what?

See, I don't care. I love it. Always have.

Now that I'm with Lithus? Good grief, I'm positively mushy. We each have things that make the day important. For me, it's flowers. No roses, thank you very much, but flowers. For him, it's a romantic dinner. Today, he showed up with an amazing bouquet, wild and messy and gorgeous. Tonight, I'm preparing Cornish game hen, with couscous and asparagus. And, of course, chocolate. :)

So to all of you, if you love Valentine's Day, or loathe it. If you celebrate it with a partner, or friends... Happy Valentine's Day. May your day be filled with chocolate and romance.

Those are mushy, romantic Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you yummy chocolates.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

I have been busy and flat out since mid last week. I have nothing to show for it and nothing to point to and say "that's what I was doing" but today is the first day I've stopped. I'm okay with this.

Freaked out a little bit today. Never cross the streams. One of the followers of Pauline tweeted about a site and a specific post that an IRL friend has talked about frequently. And it's not a viral video, but a somewhat obscure site and post. Seriously, people, don't cross the streams.

Lithus is flying a gig for NASA over the next couple days. It's "rocket collection." Please note, it's not "missle collection." They were very clear about this. Rocket.

He will be based out of Fairbanks. The good news is that Fairbanks has warmed up to 11 degrees during the day, so the temperature won't be crazy cold for him.

Two new pairs of jeans, my cool boots from the previous post, and new lipsticks. I'm not sure if it speaks well about my character how happy these little things continue to make me ~ or if it means I'm a little pathetic. Regardless, I continue to be deliriously happy.

Hm...what should've been the first in this list, perhaps...we are, once again, as of today, grandparents. As my step-daughter put it "tell Pobble she's officially a grandmother; I know she'll love that." At least it's already been established that I don't hold babies.

Looking at pictures from my Heart's visit, we held a lot of food. Mind you, it was really big food and worthy of holding. Just check out the pizza (and the two amazing men I got to spend my week with, of course).
Still, we held a lot of food. I'll see if I can get him to send me pictures he took on his camera for a more event-based, less food-holding-based post.

Was flipping back and forth between the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl ~ until the puppies all decided they were tired of entertaining the non-football people and just lay down. Plus, there were no dachhunds. What is the point of showing adoptable puppies if there are no dacschunds?

Egypt...Yeah. Others have said it better and more eloquently so I'll leave it at: Egypt. *sigh*

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I Tried...

I tried to adapt to living in Alaska. I wore flat boots. I wore appropriate clothing. I was waterproof and sturdy...and hated every damn minute of it.

Today, I'm wearing this coat:

 And these boots:
Good Lord, but I'm happy.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.