Thursday, October 11, 2012

One For Us

I finally saw the latest Pixar movie Brave. First, let me say that, yes, it is Pixar's weakest movie. I am vaguely aware of some glitches behind the scenes with the original director and am not surprised to know it. I would even bet that there is hugely more to the story than that. The movie is that weak.

All that being said, oh my God, I loved this movie. It's boring. There's not enough plot. The characters beyond Merida and Eleanor are thin at best, caricatures at worst. There is a story to be told here. A girl's ascent into womanhood and the politics of breaking with her mother. Scotland and its clans and how it came together. And yes, gender roles and how they impact those of us who don't necessarily fit them. All of those stories are hinted at and none of them are told.

And oh my God, I loved this movie.

Merida has no desire to marry ~ and no one ever shows up to change her mind. There is absolutely no boy on her radar. She is never completed by meeting her prince...or her equal...or anyone. She is just fine on her own.
Which is where I get a little snarky. I admit it, I am jaded. I am aware of how completely Merida is off the radar. No one is raving about her the way the princesses of color were raved about. If it was discussed, it was talked about as a "so-called feminist movie." Or it was disregarded because it is Pixar's weakest. I find these to be excuses for not acknowleding the fact that we finally have a "princess" who doesn't actually care to find a prince. They are also incredibly convenient ways of continuing to disregard the more tangible and impactful mysogyny of every other damn princess movie ever. Mulan came close, and I thank Disney for her. But Merida is different. And no one is talking about her.
The one good thing about Merida being off the radar is that I now longer have to wait for the hypocrisy to begin. Because I was. I was waiting for other women, younger and older, to start talking about how wonderful Merida is. How much they love her. How long they have waited for her. To which I call bullshit.

If you dressed up with your poofy dresses and your tiara, if you thought that one day your prince would come, if you believed that getting the right to marry anyone you wanted was the epitome of your story...You don't get to claim Merida now. She's ours. She belongs to those of us who really are okay on our own. Who really do find more adventure in exploring on our own than in being anyone's partner. 

Merida made the 14 year old in my 43 year old body sing, because Pixar created somebody who "looked like" me. Finally. So no, you don't get her. She is one for us.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Grandma Carol said...

The star of the show - Merida's gorgeous mane of flaming red hair!
(Except for the color, reminds me of your exceptional mane)

Grandma Carol said...

The star of the show - Merida's gorgeous mane of flaming red hair!
(Except for the color, reminds me of your exceptional mane)

Rose said...

Don't know if I've heard of this movie before! But oh wow!

Anonymous said...
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BostonPobble said...

Rose ~ Again, there are so many issues with this movie but... To have a female character for whom a marriage just isn't on the radar is refreshing. I recommend you see it.

Anonymous ~ Thank you.

neo-prodigy said...

Just for this post alone I'll be adding this movie to my Netflix queue.

BostonPobble said...

neo-prodigy ~ Again, I cannot overstate how weak this movie is. As a writer, you (and Rose, above) will cringe. I know I did. But I swear, Merida makes me happy anyway.