Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Samhain, 2012

Samhain is one of my favorite holidays. Before I celebrated it, and only celebrated Halloween, it was okay. Fun and cool, but no where close to a favorite. Now that I celebrate Samhain, it definitely gives Thanksgiving a run for its money.

In the past, Samhain has looked like  ~

And this...

And even this (*sniff*)
This year, though... *sigh* This year, we are in a hotel room in Grangeville, Idaho. Our "kitchen" is this:

A microwave and minifridge

However! We found pretty plates:

Plus, the hotel, itself, has embraced the holiday:

And I always travel with candles (because you never know when you might need candles):

Holidays are, after all, what we make of them. Blessed be, everyone.

From Mrs. Pike this morning

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