Monday, June 16, 2014

What Would It Take?

What would it take is a game Lithus and I play as we bounce from little tiny town to little tiny town. What would it take to make you live in...Coolin...Colville...Galena...Richfield...Tooele...Deadhorse...
any number of other long-forgotten small towns.

For how long?
With or without you?
Can I be a hermit?
Must I get a job out in the world?
Are friends allowed to visit?
Am I allowed to leave for vacation?

It's a weird version of 20 Questions. Usually, in order to get a yes, there needs to be a time limit, a guarantee of several million dollars at the end of it, a way to pay bills that doesn't involve interacting with the local denizens, the ability to have friends visit, and vacations. Otherwise, the answer has always been a nope, can't do it.

Until Cedar City. Now, I don't want to move to Cedar City. Let's not get crazy. But the answer to What would it take is...

Not being able to live in a city or on the east coast. That's it. If we ever have to move to a small town that's not in New England (which made me shiver, just writing it, but hypothetically...), it could very easily be here in Cedar City. It's a pretty cool little town.

There's a Tony Award winning regional theatre in the Utah Shakespeare Festival. There's Ashcroft Observatory ~ and some amazing night skies. There's a college that is vibrant and alive and keeps the town young, in Southern Utah University. There are 2 movie theatres, interesting restaurants, and places to shop that aren't Wal-Mart. There are peaceful, happy, gentle people, who seem genuinely friendly.

Since leaving Washington 5 years ago, we have spent time in countless small towns. Cedar City is the first one that has been, well, a good place to be. Of course, we're leaving today. Heading out of town, having finished the job. Maybe we'll be back come fall ~ but maybe not. Regardless, it's been one of the best tours we've had in a long time. In the best small town I've ever spent time in.

If you happen to be in the area, spend a night or two. Check out the goings on. It's worth a visit.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.