Sunday, January 18, 2015

Good Question

There's an art...exhibit...display...occurrence... here in NOLA. Not the one over in Algiers that's gotten national attention. Another one, smaller one, here in our area. It's probably an 80 foot wall covered in chalkboard paint (I'm assuming). Right there in front of it on the sidewalk is a tupperware of chalk nibs.

Written permanently is "Before I die I want to__________________________" and you are encouraged to fill in a blank. When it rains, it washes the old answers off, giving up the spaces for new responses. 

Lithus and I were both struck by "write a novel" and "fly an airplane." There are so many other answers. The one that moved me the most though was "Be Known."

God, I know that place. I remember it.

But the art definitely created conversation here. I had several knee-jerk responses. Travel. Fill a passport. Take a multi-week, first class only vacation. Host a black tie event. Host my B&B Weekend party. Renovate an old Victorian home.

Then we turned to real things. And I settled on one.

As I've written before, I am the power behind the throne. I have no desire to be the Queen. I'm happily, comfortably, desirably the Queen's best friend. That being said, I would like to think that I positively motivated, inspired, mentored, or influenced someone who truly changed the world. That I gave them the spark, confidence, bravery, whatever, that allowed them to do their thing to that extent.

Before I die, I want to inspire someone to change the world. But I wouldn't mind filling a passport book, either. Gotta be honest.

How about you?

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


AppsRus said...

There is a a board like this in Asheville, NC.

On your wants, you never know... You may have met one or more without that coming to your awareness. Sometimes the person who has found inspiration simply goes off to follow it, without looking back toward the source of that inspiration.