Monday, December 22, 2008

Speed the Plow

Apparently, it doesn't often snow like this in the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest. The mountains? Sure. Of course. Down here in the flat lands? Not so much. As the snow began and the numbers started adding up, I smugly rolled my eyes as schools and businesses and roads were closed after only a few inches of snow. Lithus and I tucked in, deciding to stay in, not because we or our vehicles couldn't handle the snow, but because, honestly, we didn't trust the other people on the road. Driving in snow is an art, people. Don't forget this.

Even once the numbers started really wracking up and it became a "real" snow (anything over 5-6 inches in my book), it still didn't merit the reaction. Yes, we all know that the weather stations and news reports always pick the most dramatic way of telling a weather story they possibly can and urge people to stay off the roads. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the reactions from people who were bailing on meetings because "the snow *might* be here by then"; who were stripping the stores of necessities; who were forgetting that 4WD helps you go but not stop.

Then...I learned something important. They don't plow here in my lovely little town. See, it doesn't snow like this here. They don't plow. They don't put down salt. They don't sprinkle sand. Nothing. And you know what? There's a lot of fucking snow out there when it's not taken away. Seriously. No matter which coast you happen to be on.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Krystal said...

At least we have plows. They may take a while and not be able to get to all the little country roads, but we have plows.

And we have tow companies that pull full-sized fans out of the snow if needed.

christine mtm said...

they even plowed up to our door. i love condo living!

we have over a foot here. it's beautiful, but a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Snow...what is this snow that you talk of...?

It's 75F down one the Island...dang I wish I was there.

Hermes said...

You see, cities on the west coast budget for a certain amount of snow removal per year. This arctic outflow only happens every ten or fifteen years or so and usually this snow removal budget is a surplus at end of fiscal and is spent on something else. Let's say... counting flowers or something. When the snow does finally come, no one is prepared even though we all remember last time a decade ago. Victoria closes completely with one inch because they only hace one grader. If they budgeted for real snowfall every year, well taht's a lot of flowers to count. PLUS, in the defense of drivers down there, it is a different snow you get on the coast. Wet, heavy, slippery. I disagree that snow driving is an art. Snow driving is an attitude. Patient, cautious, slower than normal, keep your distance. In places where they have real winter, it is generally much colder and snow is light and dry. You don't even really have to remove it. You just squish it down and drive on it. It's almost as good as pavement. Add a little sand and it's safer than summer driving. It's only dangerous when it starts to melt. And that's what happes down there. It falls, it melts. If it soen't melt, it accumulates and then melts all at once, flooding everything. And it can come in some pretty amazing volumes every once in a while. Once, in the nineties, it was three feet on Vancouver island. I remember because I had to try to keep a runway open.
But gather ye rosebuds. You get to look forward to spring, and in your neck of the the woods that is an amazing time. Hope your solstice was filled with sanctity. Happy holidays.

traci said...

The snow is beautiful! We have so much where we are that my car is actually stuck in the driveway!

Cam Pike said...

Not that plows always help. The snow we got Saturday, some plows actually put the snow onto the sidewalk making them impassable.

Today 20 degrees and the snow turning to ice, tomorrow 50 degrees and rain - lets not forget the flooding from blocked drains. I love Boston! : )

BostonPobble said...

Krystal ~ I miss plows. *sigh*

Lovely Cats ~ Yeah. No One plows here. Lithus dug us ~ and a couple neighbors ~ out. Our shovel and his back are quite in demand these days.

Dreamer ~ It was the weird stuff that fell your last few hours in MA. ;)

GOML! ~ You are correct in almost all of this. From attitude to flower counting. The only place I must disagree is your description of coast snow. I have found it to be as icky as inland snow. Otherwise, you are right on enough that I'm beginning to dread the inevitable flooding you warn of.

Traci ~ LOL Be safe.

Cam Pike ~ The winter I was on Beacon Street, I remember being grateful for parking over in the Fenway because the plows just rolled by, burying the cars even more than the original snow. Ah yes...Boston plows.

lithus said...

I grew up in Northern Canada with the dry snow. As GOML pointed out it is much better driving when it is very cold. I used to drive from the coast to Montana and once over the pass and away form any of the *warmer* air even eastern WA and Northern Idaho were a breeze.
I do have the unfortunate experience of pulling my work RV over Steven's Pass with it passing me jst over the top. It was very cool to watch the cars coming up the hill scatter. All turned out well with me cleverly puting the truck into 4WD. A small detail which I had overlooked on the way up.
Stay warm and be safe.

kimber said...

Personally, I'm enjoying these three feet of snow, because I've never seen so much at my house... But get ready to wear galoshes with it starts to melt, because at that point, the mud will be three feet high.

Rose said...

I am not a winter lover. I love the fall and summer. Have a Happy Holiday Weekend.

Dennis R. Upkins said...

LOL. stay safe and stay warm beautiful.

traci said...

It's snowing here again. Not a plow in site. Merry Christmas Pobble. Remember you are loved.