Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because I'm Getting Married Next Week

Why has my entire jawline exploded with acne that is resisting every solution known to humanity?

Why have plane tickets that have been reasonably steady in cost from the east coast to the west coast skyrocketed in price?

Why have my roots grown out faster and more noticeably than ever before?

Why is the first time my roots have grown out this quickly and this noticeably also the first time I really can't afford to get my hair done?

As I said in a comment to Krystal ~ stressed? Who's stressed?

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Hermes said...

Devil's club. I can get you some. All you have to do is render it into a salve and apply to affected areas. I'll find out where you can get some. But you'll never get it before next week.

How excited are you? Pictures!

ZooooM said...

MARRIED NEXT WEEK AWESOME! I know how you feel on all the stuff going "wrong" though. It will all work out perfectly though. I know it will.

Enjoy it all, even the stuff that seems like it's not enjoyable. Because I bet later you look back and go "Yeah, that right there? I would have had it no other way."

Sorry to be so missing lately. Office is brutal, life is throwing the most strange things at me. It's all good so far, I just have to be a lot careful right now not to get overwhelmed.

kimber said...

Remember: no matter what happens, JUST KEEP SMILING.

... not because of the whole 'keep a positive attitude' mantra, but because everyone around you is taking your picture.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Keep laughing as that helps virtually every situation. But I'm sorry to hear that everything is exploding (no pun intended) at once here. That being said, there is STILL time to turn things around, so let's go with "it's all out of your system now with the universe" and move onto better things. I'm not usually so optimistic, however, I will send good vibes out that way . . . that and a $1.50, eh? Ha.

Dennis R. Upkins said...

The only thing that matters is you're getting married.

Whether it means getting married bald, crater-faced with a twitching eye from the stress, just laugh it off beautiful.

You are getting married.

nRT said...

Congratulations. I hope you have a beautiful day. I am so happy for you

BostonPobble said...

GOML! ~ So, it's not a Quest quest...but surely the hunt for devil's club for an American friend means something. I know it does to the American friend.

Zoooom ~ I know, can you believe this shit? Crazy. And I am managing to enjoy *most* of it (except the zits but seriously ~ who EVER enjoys the zits?) and, when I get too stressed, my friends are stepping up in a way that, well, that amazing way my friends step up (Nemeria, I'm talking to you). Funniest thing, it's all working out. Just know you're missed and keep stopping by as your schedule allows.

Wolfgrrrl ~ Or because the manic nature of the next 10 days won't allow anything but a Joker v. Batman kind of way.

$$ ~ I appreciate the good wishes and the temporary moratorium on cynicism. I appreciate it so much, I will try to adopt it myself. Two cynics having faith in the Universe has to count for something, right?

Denny ~ *deep breath* Right. And I get cake.

Winrob ~ WINROB! YAY! You stopped by in time to learn this. YAY! That makes me very happy. Hope you are well.

traci said...

Ummm, I say try Windex. It worked in My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Pharmyard said...

I don't suppose there is any way to work in a pill box hat with a fingertip veil for your wedding attire. (that might combat the regrowth) You could pull off Jackie O couldn't you? If I had more time I could've gone to mom's and ransacked the box of them she has stored in her closet. Aloe vera carrier oil (misleading's not really oily at all and it's thin) may help the face issues.