Monday, February 16, 2009

When Clusterfuck-y Ends Well

I've had a post saved as a draft for about four days now. The title is "Clusterfuck-y", which is my new word. Because the wedding got clusterfuck-y.

Here's what you need to know from the saved draft:

We had our officiant. He is a wonderful, amazing man who didn't flinch at marrying a Pagan and an atheist, who has performed LGBT ceremonies in the past (an important qualification for this activist), who was willing to incorporate my beliefs and Lithus's nonbeliefs into a beautiful ceremony. Then there was a death in his family. The memorial service is scheduled for our wedding day ~ six hours away. Hm. Clusterfuck-y.

So we started brainstorming. He suggested Friday night which made a light go on for Lithus.
What about midnight? Everybody loved it. It is actually the only detail of the wedding that Lithus has really had an opinion about, he is so excited. The only person coming from the east coast arrives at 8:30 pm. She'll have time to get to the hotel, change and be at ours with oodles of time to spare. Wedding at midnight Friday and wedding feast with champagne and cake (CAKE!) Saturday evening.

Yesterday, I got an email from the Lovely Cats. She's coming. She can indeed make it after all. Oh. My. God. And thank the Goddess. What is her itinerary?
She changes planes three times, travels for something ungodly like 16 hours, all to be here for 36 hours and see us married. She arrives at 11:30 pm Friday. Hm. Clusterfuck-y.

So I get in touch with our officiant who suggests his wife (also an amazing person, just not our first choice). I get in touch with his wife. She has an all day event and won't be up to a midnight wedding on Saturday.
Hm. Clusterfuck-y.

Now, at this point, I admit, there were tears. There were frustrations. There was chocolate. After which, I was once again able to think productively. See, here's the thing about the Lovely Cats...she's an ordained minister! And here's the thing about Washington state: "ministers from any state can perform the wedding ceremony but the ceremony must be performed in Washington state." Whoo-Hoo!
So, I call the Lovely Cats.
"Um...when you get here, how'd you like to perform the wedding ceremony?"
"Oh no ~ are you serious?"
Of course she's doing it.

You know what else? Our wedding anniversary will be February 22nd. First, that makes it 2/22. Neither of us will ever have any excuse to ever forget our wedding anniversary. Second, it's Edward Gorey's birthday. We're having a black wedding cake. Lithus is wearing black. I'm wearing burgundy and black with black lace and corset ties. Our wedding cake topper is a pair of ravens. We're getting married at midnight. AND it's Edward Gorey's birthday????

The truth? It's better than we'd originally planned. Hm. Not so clusterfuck-y at all.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


kimber said...

You are now, seriously, having the coolest wedding ever.

Oh, and the Lovely Cats performing the wedding is one of those rare cosmic moments of serendipity. Beautiful! It bodes well!

(my word verification is 'swaver'.)

Anonymous said...

Well, as soon as you said that the Lovely Cats was going to be there, I instantly thought she was the perfect choice to perform the ceremony...silly girl.

BostonPobble said...

Wolfgrrrl ~ The Lovely Cats and her husband have had a phrase for a while now: It doesn't suck to be the Pobble. You know? It really doesn't. Thanks for the compliment about the wedding. It'll be very us.

Jersey ~ There were reasons that made it not as much of a given that she could do the ceremony, even once we knew she was coming, as it would indeed seem. Luckily, they were handled and voila!

Anonymous said...

Yes, serendipity, synchronicity, alls well that ends well, whatever term or phrase you want to use - probably the best outcome after all.

(Oh, and when you see Cats, tell her I miss her blog.)

traci said...

Wow! I love it when a plan (or not a plan!) comes together! That will be a great story forEVER! I'm so happy for you!

Cam Pike said...

Funny how sometimes the bad things make things so much better in the end. ;)

Dennis R. Upkins said...

There's a word for people who are able to overcome clusterfucks: BADASS!!!!

CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad it's ending up well! (Toes crossed so I can type!) So glad Cats can make it anyway, and to have her officiate is going to make it triple-ripple special for you, I know.

What *is* it with atheist/Pagan couples? I'm beginning to think our two tribes are just magnetically attracted to each other or something!

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I've been thinking about you every day this week, how excited you must be...hell, I'm excited!

2/22 is also my mother's birthday, so I will never forget your anniversary either!

Krystal said...

I had tried to post a comment before we left Florida, but the connection kept getting dropped.

Anyway, I'll be thinking about you at midnight!

Daisy Girl said...

Congratulations on your wedding this morning!! I understand wedding frustrations as well, for I too had everything go wrong right before the wedding.. I'll have to tell you sometime. But I REALLY want to see pictures, because your wedding sounds beautiful and perfect!! I wish I had thought to do that. My husband and I first met in college and in my desperate effort to flirt with him I took a literature course that he had just taken so that I could have something to ask him questions about when I saw him in the library, and I ended up buying his lit book from him (which I still have) and it had all his notes from the paper he wrote on the poem The Raven.. which caused me to ask for a book of Poe for Christmas so I could have something more to talk to him about. All that to say I spent way too much time looking for the perfect cake topper. I love your idea!

I hope every moment of your wedding becomes a beautiful memory for years to come, and I wish many blessing upon you for the future!