Friday, February 06, 2009

Please Note: Raven

From Denny, over at the Chronicle because, yeah, I have time for this kind of thing. But he's right; it's spot on.

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Gruff Soul

You are a bold and fearless person, with a strong sense of self. People, especially people who don't know you well, might think that you are unfeeling or callous, but your loved ones know that you are a loyal and fierce friend. Your loyalty does not come easily, though. People need to earn your affection and respect.

You like to be with your favourite people, but you don't have much patience for the rest of humanity. Even your close friends and family can drive you crazy some times, so you need your space from them every now and then. You often hide your feelings behind offensive or rude jokes, and you rarely let your true feelings shine through. If an emotion does shine through, it is likely to be masked as aggression or through a joke.

Your daemon's form would represent your clannish, loyal nature, your self confidence and your aggressive, joking exterior. He or she would probably help you mock the people whom you dislike and disrespect.

Suggested form:
Hyena, Coati, Maned Wolf, Raven, Dingo.

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And ...

(1) Is there​ anyone on your friends list you would have sex with?​

There is actually.

(2) Sex in the morning,​ afternoon or night?​


(3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke?

I have actually but not from drinking. I had a bad reaction to meds. It's still just as embarrassing, though.

(4) Have you ever taken ​your clothes off for money?​


(5) Shower or bath while​ having sex?


(6) Do you want someone aggressive​ or passive in bed?


(7) Do you like someone in your friends list?​

Um...why would they be in my friends list, otherwise? I even like people who *aren't* in my friends list, 'cause I'm radical that way.

(8) Love or Money​?​


(9) Credit card or cash?​

preferably Debit. :)

(10) Have you ever wanted a best friend?​

Can this question be any more vague? I have a best friend. Two actually. I want both of them. I lust after neither.

(11) Camping or a 5 star hotel​?​

Oh please. 5-star.

(12) Where ​is the weirdest place​ you have had sex?


(13) Would​ you shave​ your entire body (​Inclu​ding your head)​?​

Why would I want to?

(14) Have you ever been to a strip​ club?​

Of course.

(15) Ever been to a bar?

Ummm...who wrote this?

(16) Ever been kicked ​out of a bar or a club?​

That's still under debate by those of us who were there.

(17) Ever been so drunk​ someo​ne else had to carry​ you?

Sadly, embarrassingly, yes. There has been staggering in my lifetime.

(18) Had sex in a movie​ theat​er?​

Surprisingly no.

(19) Had sex in a bathr​oom?​


(20) Have you ever had sex at work?​

not at *my* work

(21) Ever been to an adult​ store​?​

Even when I wasn't working at one

(22) Bough​t somet​hing from an adult​ store​?​

Even when I didn't have an employee discount!

(23) Have you been caugh​t havin​g sex?


(24) Does anyon​e have naugh​ty pics of you?

(25) Ever had sex with someo​ne and calle​d them by the wrong​ name?​

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Graziella said...

How entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

Outside? Couldn't be more specific? Haha

Graziella said...

Must have been a resident of Utah who wrote question #15!

Dennis R. Upkins said...

Ooooooooooh. Very enlightening. ;D

Hermes said...

Well Raven, this is all well and good. But Raven is not known for an inability to make choices. Now, your answer may be different from time to time, passive one day and aggressive the next, but to prefer to not choose and have it al at once is... I guess it is totally Raven.

Anonymous said...

it's long, but here's my result... pretty freakin' spot on, don't you think?

You are a confident and talkative personality. Occasionally people are hurt by the jokes you make, or the things you say. If they are, though, they should tell you. You would tell them. You don't like passive aggressive people who get upset or hurt but then don't say anything - instead mentioning it to a friend of yours later, or in a blog post or email. You have no patience for this kind of behaviour. If someone says something that offends you, you tell them, and you would expect the same courtesy in return.

Your loved ones know that you are not as callous as some people think you are. In fact, you don't like truly cruel people, and you are quick to defend underdogs. You are simply open about your opinions, and you enjoy a good joke. You don't want to have to - and shouldn't have to - alter or moderate your behaviour just because somebody touchy is in the room.

You love to spend time with your friends, but you are selective about who you call "friend". You don't have much patience with most people. The people whom you admit to your inner circle are people whom you can respect, and who are able to deal with your quick temper and brash humour.

Your daemon's form would represent your confident, impatient nature, and your opinionated ways. He or she would probably enjoy sparring verbally with you, and would make jokes in your ear at other people's expense.

Suggested forms: Blue Jay, Terrier, Go-Away Bird, Turaco, Mockingbird, Amazon Parrot.

Anonymous said...


It said Opinionated Soul!

BostonPobble said...

Graziella ~ Glad you enjoyed. And yes, I think someone far more conservative than we wrote this.

Dreamer ~ Nope. ;)

Denny ~ Thanks for getting it started.

GOML! ~ Raven and I go way back, for the reasons you mentioned and more. This answer was no surprise.

Jersey ~ This thing continues to be spot on.

Krystal said...

I'm assuming this is the one you tagged me for? I'm going to go answer right now.