Sunday, March 01, 2009

6 Weeks, 300 Pages

Oh boy. It's about to get busy here again. For a year now, my agent and I have been waiting to hear from my editor and publishing house about the proposal for the next book. We haven't heard. And we haven't heard. And we haven't heard. No contract. No feedback on the story. No rejection. No...anything.

I've been panicking because what if they don't like the story? They were really really eager to publish another book with me. But what if they don't like the story? I told them it would be done by February 2009. (Please note, we are now past that date. Remember this as it will be important later.)

My agent hasn't been panicking at all. Honestly, I don't think she's quite believed that they were so eager to publish another book. I can understand her reticence. All she has is the reports from a new author that a renowned publishing house and the holy grail of genre editors wants to work with said new author. And no shit. What new author wouldn't want to believe that aforementioned pub house and editor are falling all over themselves to work with her? This doesn't mean it's an accurate assessment of the situation and I do get that. No wonder agent hasn't quite believed it.

So, I've been saying "but it's due in Feb" and agent has been saying "don't write it until we hear from them." And I've been saying "but it's due in Feb" and agent has been saying "it's not though until they've accepted the proposal ~ which they haven't. Don't write it until we hear from them. You'll have 8-12 months once we hear back, if they buy it." And I've been saying "they were really into this trilogy and I said it would be ready in Feb" and agent has been saying "no pub house will publish a second book in a trilogy if they don't own the first one and we haven't heard back from editor. Don't write the second one until we hear back." And I've said...You get the idea.

Last week, I got the first email from my editor that I've received in a year. She needed plot and character description for the art department because they are going into cover design. Cover design. For a book that hasn't even officially been contracted. For a book they have not read a single word of yet. Cover design.


So, once it sunk in and Lithus and I did the Happy Husband Dance and Pobble Hop respectively, I started to panic a bit. I have asked my agent to get me six weeks. Please oh please, she can get me six weeks. Because I've gotta write about 300 pages. In six weeks. For a book that's gone to cover design.

Surreal doesn't even begin to describe it.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Hermes said...

My record is 30 pages in 3 days. An thesis paper on the usefulness of Hobbes' Leviathan in a modern context. Pure torture. But my best work.
I do not envy you the six weeks, but I am sure the result will be fantastic.
So much for time management. Time management is for the mundane. Time now for the will to conquer! Time for heroes! Time for Pobble!

Nemeria said...

I will be sending you warm, fuzzy, get-yer-fingers-dancing-on-the-keyboard, thoughts for the next six weeks. You are the Amazing Pobble. You CAN do anything you set you mind on. And I have the utmost faith that you will get this done. I love you and can't wait to read your next book!! xoxo

(and just for added giggles, my word verification is "butrack". My inner 5th grade boy is yuking it up right now!)

Krystal said...

Holy shit! But I have fait in you! Is the first one out?

Dennis R. Upkins said...




2 Dollar Productions said...

That is surreally (sp?) awesome. I think you're belief that this going to happen propelled this sucker forward, and now, the only issue writing 300 pages. No problem for Pobble. Ha.

Congratulations! Sometimes, a little pressure carves out the best work. Good luck.

Pharmyard said...

Nothing like a little pressure to get the job done. I have every faith that it will be a wonderful 300 pages. Knock their socks off! I know you can.

BostonPobble said...

Everybody ~ Wow. You are good for my ego! Thanks for the votes of confidence. Now...

GOML! ~ 30 pages in 3 days makes me weep. I'm impressed.

Nemeria ~ I'll take it all, thanks.

Krystal ~ Holy shit indeed. And yes, the first one is out. Check out your local bookstore or online or :):):)

Dennis R. ~ Uh...yeah. That was pretty much my response, too.

$$ ~ Surreally awesome. I like it. And thanks.

Pharmyard ~ Kinda like college, huh? ;)

kimber said...

This only affirms my suspicion that the publishing world is a crazy carousel driven by half-mad gnomes drunk on absinthe.

Congratulations! You can do it -- I mean, really, who needs sleep?

Daisy Girl said...

That's awesome.... and scary all at once. Meanwhile, I have a story JUST for you... since I'm afraid of the possibilities if my coworkers were to somehow find this story.

Today I was in a 30 minute meeting/screaming session at work with my boss and a coworker (coworker doing the screaming) because 2 Christmases ago she got me toilet paper, gas relief pills, and hemorrhoid pills for secret santa gifts. And she wanted an apology from me.

Apparently someone new at work was introduced to her recently and said "this is the person who got Daisy those horrible Christmas presents" and she wants an apology from me...

I'm mostly speechless. Any advice would be great... :)

BostonPobble said...

Wolfgrrrl ~ I love that image. It's perfect and I shall hold it in the forefront of my mind during any and all publication industry dealings from hereon out. With thanks.

Daisy ~ ROFLMAO oh my...I've responded more privately so I hope you got that. Meanwhile, hang in. (and ignore the giggle coming from this corner of the internet because I realize that really isn't helpful)

Rose said...

Pobble they have faith in you because you can get it done and beautifully written at that!