Sunday, May 31, 2009


First, THANK YOU to everyone who commented on the previous post. It's lovely. And still a little weird to realize I have written three novels now.

Second, I gotta give credit where credit is due. Yes, I wrote the damn thing. No, I'm not minimizing that. But seriously...

Apprus, who is the Southern Gentleman that I turned for when I needed Southern Gentlemanliness. He was able to answer questions from emotions to sex to movies. If my hero is accurate in any way, Appsrus is why.

And my critique group, who became my critique group without any of us even realizing it, I think:

Crow, who continues to be indispensable. Period.

The Divine M, who's emails ran from plaintive to motivating to flat out demanding as she asked "Where are my pages?" Nothing keeps one quite as motivated to write as knowing the Divine M is waiting for her pages.

Dennis R. How I ever wrote a story or novel or a sentence without knowing him is beyond me.

And always, the FE, for being there during the icky times

Yes, I wrote it. Would I, could I, have written it without them? Yep. But it wouldn't have been as easy, as fun, as good, or as timely without them.

I'd say more but it'd get embarrassing.

Those are Pobble Thoughts and Pobble Thanks. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee ~ or whatever the five of them would like.

(ed. note ~ All these images are copyrighted by someone who's not me. Thank you to them, as well, for their use here. And in case you were wondering, those aren't the real people they are meant to represent. Appsrus is far more handsome and Dennis R may be a POC, but his C isn't green. Nor is he an amphibian ~ not that there's anything wrong with being an amphibian...some of my best friends are amphibians...)


Hermes said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it! Take a holiday, tell whoever objects that I said it was OK and that it is to be PAYED! Go to Greece, Rome, Tibet, Malaysia... maybe Bella Coola?

2 Dollar Productions said...

It takes a village . . . Ha. Great work Pobble and congratulations and sorry I didn't see it sooner. That is just a great feeling I'm sure when you sent that off, especially after the hard slog of pages that had to be crafted fairly recently. Nice work!

Dennis R. Upkins said...


The pleasure is all mine.

And this among many other reasons is why I refer to you as the Mistress of Awesome.

appsRus said...

Wow! What an image! Glad you alone among your posters have an image closer to true...

Pleased to be a part of the support group. Southerner, yes; gentleman, ? You are too kind.