Thursday, September 03, 2009


I can feel Pobble Thoughts dying. I don't want it to die. I still write great posts in my head while showering or driving. They just don't quite get here. I don't spend as much time reading blogs as I used to. Many of my favorites have moved on to Facebook or Twitter or just don't blog any more. DonDon, Jaded Jersey, Tai, even the Lovely Cats. Many of my other favorites now post so rarely that it's still hard to keep up. And I don't care what anyone says, Facebook and Twitter are not the same for those of us who are reading. I hate to break it to you but finding out which 19th century ruler you most resemble or learning that your cyberfarm just burned but you still managed to save all your cows just isn't as interesting as reading your thoughts on life, the world, the issues that matter to you. And you can't truly express your thoughts on life, the world, the issues that matter to you in 180 words or less. Plus, I imagine that those same people who are tweeting and twitting and facing and booking probably aren't reading over here any more. I know most of them haven't commented here in months. Not that I write for comments or readers. It does, however, lend a sense of this is a good way to stay connected with people that goes away when it appears no one is reading.

Yet I understand why people have either stopped blogging or have slowed waaaay back. After all, that's what started this post: I can feel Pobble Thoughts dying. Maybe, in the end, it will matter that I don't want it to die so will keep it limping along until I pick up steam again. won't. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Cam Pike said...

I'm still here Pobble. I Facebook but I agree with you that this is a much better place to vent some of your more in depth thoughts.

(as an aside - I hate all the silly quizzes on Facebook - can't stand them)

Dreamer said...

I visit here after I do my daily facebooking. And yeah, I'm that young adult who is thoroughly in love with Facebook but now that I've started up my blog...I dunno what I was trying to say.

It's hard to get thoughts out on the page but that's why the page is there...just in case your word vomit makes it to the page.

Rose said...

I'm still here. Though I don't blog everyday as I used too. I get so busy some time I just forget or don't have the time to write my thoughts down. But I don't think I'll ever give up blogging. Though I have facebook and myspace- I still can't get into that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I gave in to the Dark Side and am on Facebook, but I still blog regularly (and I don't see that changing). And you, my dear Boston Pobble, are one of the subscriptions in my RSS reader, and that will not change as long as you keep Pobble Thoughts alive. Which I sincerely hope you do.

LRNs said...

Yeah, yeah...I'm on Facebook. It's an evil timesync filled with crappy games and virus-laden banner adds. It's great for keeping up with old highschool friends, but blogging is a lot better for sharing your feelings.

I started my blogging break back in May and have been itching to go back.

Consider why you blog. Is the site "dying" because you've moved on? Radical life changes will do that. Perhaps the place of this blog in your life needs to transform with your own transformation.

Adapt and find balance. Accept the changes that come about.

It's all rather exciting when change happens. Life gets all mixed up. Every aspect of you is affected. If this blog were to die because you're happy and living this "open road" adventure with the man you love, then toss it aside and don't look back. It's a small price to pay.

On the other hand, perhaps if you allow this feeling of change to permeate your blogging, you might find something transformative there too. Maybe a new Pobble Thoughts will come from that. Stop "hanging on" and instead let the spirit take you new places.

I look at your open road adventure and I see "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" happening IN REAL TIME. That's awesome-sauce.

Acknowledge, move on, baby!

CrackerLilo said...

Well, we certainly can't let Pobble Thoughts die!

I was like that this spring, and went almost three months without blogging. Just felt no reason to do it. And yeah, I'd compose things in my head that just didn't get to my fingers.

I don't see the appeal of Facebook, though I do of Twitter only for things like following sporting events in real time. I feel so old school!

Obviously you still have a lot to say. I'll listen however and wherever you do it. Just please don't fall silent.

appsRus said...

Yeah, I know I'm an old fart with neither a blog nor a Facebook account and I don't IM. I'm on LinkedIn, for business purposes, and have been "computer literate" and an early adopter for as long as I have known the Pobble. Having made those admissions, Pobble Thoughts IS how I tune in. I would miss its absence, even if I do not regularly comment. I can agree with LRN.

Neo_Prodigy said...

I totally understand your point and feel you on the issue. i do hope you don't stop posting but i understand considering your other commitments.

now if you vanish altogether and i don't hear from the mistress of awesome that is you, i will be tracking you down and kicking your ass, just so we're clear.


BostonPobble said...

Everybody ~ Wow. Okay, I got it. ;)

Cam Pike ~ Yeah, I know. Because you'll always be there, computers or not. Which is a good thing.

Dreamer ~ "just in case your word vomit makes it to the page." Well put.

Rose ~ Blogging is so different, isn't it? Glad to know you still stop by, even if you don't comment all the time. I do the same at yours, now that I think of it.

MChristie ~ However, I have it on good authority that you balance FB and blogging quite well. ;)

LRNs ~ You're good, but I'm sure you know that. Lots of stuff to consider here. Awesome-sauce - expect to see that some. It's a great phrase.

Cracker Lilo ~ That's right; you did go silent for a while there. You give me hope (as you so often do).

AppsRus ~ That's why I'm on FB and twitter (and technically linkedin but I haven't been there in an age). But you're like Cam Pike in that you are stuck with me. Love you.

Neo-Prodigy ~ Thank you. For all of it. {{{hugs}}}

Hermes said...

Hi! Don't let it go. I will still visit and post once in a while. More often when I can actually do it from home again. Love you!

LRNs said...

I've decided what you should do. (And am now going to tell you...muhahaha)

You should keep a detailed journal of this entire process, including pictures. You could be the next David Sedaris or Bill Bryson.

The post you made entitled "Love-Hate-Life" is perfect. It's the perfect opening to a book or a chapter "The hardest part of living on the road is there is so much interesting stuff going on at all times ~ except when it's deadly dull and there's not even anything on television."

And the title should be "On the Road with Lithus." You could turn Pobble Thoughts into a travel blog which could lead to your book. Then you put out a companion book with excerpts from the blog.

I would like my name in the acknowledgements.

LRNs said...


And of course, this will lead to your show on the travel channel called...

Wherever There's a Fire!

BostonPobble said...

GOML ~ Hi! Deal. Love you, too.

LRNs ~ First, we spent enough of our lives with me telling you what to do. Turn about is fair play. Second, I was right there with you and won't be at all surprised when this is indeed where Pobble Thoughts goes. Third, of course you will get acknowledged because that's the way it should be. Fourth ~ oooooo! You're good!

Anonymous said...

Always reading but not always commenting. And no face booking for me
Keep Blogging, I enjoy your thoughts


kimber said...

I was about to beg you to not let Pobble Thoughts fade away, because here is where I met you... but that would be hypocritical of me, as my own blog is covered in a thick layer of dust.

It's my hope that, once the rainy season arrives, I'll be back to blogging and checking other blogs again, but darn it all, it's been such a nice summer!

Okay, I'm going to go and post a blog entry. Then I won't be so out-of-line to say, I'm hoping you'll keep up the good work here, too.


kimber said...

PS And, just so you know, I'm gonna tell Tai to start blogging again. Not that she'll necessarily listen to me, but a little friendly nagging can't hurt.

BostonPobble said...

WinRob ~ I wish you had ANY idea how much your comments and emails and friendship means to me. *I'm* the honored one. Seriously.

Wolfgrrrl ~ First, it's interesting because I don't consider you offline. You said at the beginning of the summer you would be out summering but would be back. That's just a hiatus. So yes, you're off the hook. ;) Second, please bribe, cajole, blackmail, or feed Tai in whatever way is necessary to get her blogging again. I will happily contribute baked goods as needed. And if you just wanted to mention something to Spider about her being equally missed ~ if not so often because she's still there occasionally ~ I wouldn't hate that. ;)

traci said...

Oh my dear Pobble. You touch my heart daily and you don't even know it. I've been caught up in my marriage ending, moving to a new place, dealing with a stalker, all of the things that make change needed and yet difficult. But I never forget you. Not even for a day. I'll see someone who resembles you or wears some awe inspiring heels and I will smile and think of you. If I walk past my book case as I do every day, I see your books and smile. I remember the spingles I got when I first saw your post titled "For Traci" and it happens more days than you might think. My blog has mostly vanished (due to the above mentioned stalker) and I've founded a new one. I'm getting into it slowly again but having only just moved a week ago, the going is, well...just slow. Now that you've moved on from my corner of the world, I am often saddened a bit that we didn't catch up with each other. It certainly wasn't for lack of opportunity. Please, sweet Pobble, don't abandon this place. You make a difference every single day...even if you don't know it.