Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wow... (the post that got put on hold)

Okay, I'll be honest ~ the outpouring that came after the post about the site dying was actually a little embarrassing. HUGELY appreciated and accepted with MUCH love. Just...overwhelming. I have the greatest readers in cyberspace. Not just because of the way you rallied to me but the way you rallied to Lori this past weekend. My life is richer for you in it. Thank you. Sincerely.

So, I'm several days into a 1000 words/day writing challenge. I'm making the average quite nicely so far. It's phrased that way because I bought myself some extra words so Lithus and I could go out one night with new friends.

The challenge was issued by another author, whom I am coming to adore as a person, too. It was taken up by another author, as well, who is familiar to some of you. I won't out him here but he's making his quotas as well and deserved kudos and praise so, if you're reading this ~ YAY YOU! Keep it up.

I found the plot for the book ~ finally. I was 3000 words into the story but found it, TTG.

For dinner the other night, we were going over to our friends' house. He is a wine drinker. Lithus asked me to pick up a bottle of Australian shiraz. Guess what happens when you ask someone ~ okay, what happens when you ask me ~ to pick up shiraz given that I don't know the difference between a shiraz and Mad Dog (except that a shiraz has a cork so it's gotta be a little classier, at least)? You get three bottles of wine chosen because they have cute labels. Yep. The guys drank cute wine. Here are 2 of the three labels (I couldn't find a picture of the third one but it had a gecko-ish critter on it and was very cute, trust me.)

Penguins. Little Penguins. Little, Australian penguins. What's not cute about this? (especially considering we all know how Lithus loves his penguins!)

Not only is the name Fat Bastard great, but it's a smiling hippo. Infinite cuteness.

After the last post, LRNs left me this comment:
Consider why you blog. Is the site "dying" because you've moved on? Radical life changes will do that. Perhaps the place of this blog in your life needs to transform with your own transformation. On the other hand, perhaps if you allow this feeling of change to permeate your blogging, you might find something transformative there too. Maybe a new Pobble Thoughts will come from that. Stop "hanging on" and instead let the spirit take you new places. It's food for thought. We'll see what happens and where we go. Pobble Thoughts may indeed take a totally different turn. It may limp some days and cruise others. But I think I can pretty safely assure you and me that it's not going anywhere.

Again, thanks for last post.

Those are grateful Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee ~ or a glass of cutely-labeled shiraz.


Aisha T. said...

I'm so glad BP thoughts is not dying! It's weird because I totally feel exactly how you feel--I got the post in my head all day long but, it hasn't made it to the board! Anyway, it's good to see that it will stay alive and is motivating for me not to completely shut down at my site yet. Thanks, BP!

2 Dollar Productions said...

Well, I don't how I got so behind reading around here, but it happened . . . so, first, I'm glad for the outpouring and the reinvigoration of Pobble Thoughts and her blog. I laughed out loud at a few of the Facebook/Twitter remarks in that post. As for blogging, it seems to come in ebbs and flows and sometimes you just don't feel like doing it for whatever reasons. That seems perfectly natural to me. Besides, life gets in the way and for good reason. I figure when blogging feels like a job or a chore that's when I know it's time to back off and get some space. Anyway, that's just rambling, but I hope you stick around this area for purely selfish reasons. :)

As for the wine, I've had the Little Penguin and I seem to remember it being a good bargain. Hope you had fun as you deserved a break with your word surplus. Keep it up now that you've found the plot (really, really wonderful feeling) and run with it. Keep the streak alive.

610 yesterday, 594 today.

kimber said...

I have been known to buy a bottle for the simple reason that it had Ogopogo on the bottle. "Ooo! Sea monster wine! You can really taste the cryptozoology!"

CrackerLilo said...

Glad to be part of the outpouring. So glad Pobble Thoughts is hanging on!

I should probably hold myself to that writing challenge, too.

Little Penguin's not the best of its kind, but it's decent. (And yes, I'm a sucker for the label.) Australian Shiraz is pretty good in general, just good, cheap, cheerful wine.

BostonPobble said...

Aisha T ~ Selfishly, I hope you keep posting. Personally, I really do understand if you stop. Life happens. ;)

$$ ~ Yes, but you fell behind for such good reasons! And thank you for your words about Pobble Thoughts. I'm glad they make you smile and/or laugh out loud sometimes. Sadly, I am unable to drink red wine (thus my complete ignorance of it) but I am told the Little Penguin was quite nice. Finally, YAY YOU!

Wolfgrrrl ~ If I can now just find cute *white* wine, I'll be in like flynn. Perhaps sea monster wine comes in white...?

Cracker Lilo ~ You know, I thought about offering the challenge to you but wasn't sure you were still writing. That being said, just say the word (drop me a line via email) and you're in. The month of Sept can start whenever the hell you say it does.

Neo_Prodigy said...


Sad part is that's something I would've done and I'm a lifelong straight-edger.

BostonPobble said...

Neo_Prodigy ~ This is similar to how I buy beer when what has been requested isn't available: "oooo! that's got an interesting sounding name." lol

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

After the first few glasses you don't notice the taste anymore anyways... so always go for the cute label!