Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP Saturday mail

Once again, the US postal service is talking about doing away with Saturday mail service. This idea was floated several years ago and the outrage was a little over the top. Now? Not so much. The "man on the street" interviews are basically indifferent. We don't use mail for anything except bills and junk any longer. We can get our coupons online. Our news. Our communication with our friends.

Honestly, I won't miss Saturday mail either, myself. But I do miss mail. Letters. Postcards. Greeting cards. Nemeria and I still write letters. I send about 10 people postcards from just about every stop we make on the road. There are a couple friends who exchange cards with me on a semi-regular basis.

We are a dying breed and I realize this. There used to be a program online called "The Letter Project" but even that has gone away. Personally, I email far more often than I write a letter. Sometimes, I don't even bother with an email but trust this blog to keep people up to date (with apologies to you, dear AppsRus, who falls deeply into this category).

Yet, I do miss mail, even as I don't use it as often as I want to. What about you? If it was still possible to send packages for birthdays and holidays, would you miss mail delivery?

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


LRNs said...

The only thing I'll really miss with Saturday delivery is Netflix. We did away with "paid" television a few years ago and switched back to rabbit ears mixed with online services and Netflix DvDs.

Nemeria said...

I love mail. Especially when it includes postcards from dear friends who are in far-flung places! ;-)

kimber said...

We don't have Saturday mail here, nor have we ever, so such a thing I have never had occasion to miss.

But my mail is mostly bills and flyers, and that makes me sad. I do miss envelopes, letters, stamps, and postcards. I love getting & receiving personal mail... there's a romance to a letter that gets lost in translation when the message is sent electronically.

Anonymous said...

You write letters? With paper?

TREE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BostonPobble said...

LRNS ~ Ooooo...Netflix. Yeah, I would miss Netflix, too. Who am I kidding? I *miss* Netflix but that's more a full time thing than just a Saturday thing. ;)

Nemeria ~ Good to know. lol

Kimber ~ Curious. See, today wasn't a wasted day. I learned something. And I agree completely with you about mail. I love letters. *sigh*

Neo_Prodigy ~ Damn straight and proud of it. >:) Although, when finances are better, I don't kill trees at all because I prefer Crane's stationery, which is made of 100% cotton, no trees at all. Yes, I'm an elitist snob. And proud of that, too!