Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lithus and I have moved to Alaska. Seriously. It's been a few weeks coming. Remember that post a while ago where I wrote that we were very, very close to (my definition of) stability? Well, we have gotten there. In ... Alaska. This past Sunday, after a very long day of traveling, we arrived in Anchorage. And, wow, that was two days ago. It already feels longer, in a good way. As the Divine M put it "I took three days off from work and my best friend moved to Alaska." Well...yes.

Sunday night, we were met at the hotel with a message for Lithus to call his boss. He called before we had ever made it to the room. "I'll be there within ten minutes to pick you up. We're looking forward to meeting you and your wife." So we made a mad dash up to the room, dropped our bags, tried not to think about the fact that we'd been up since 2:30 a.m. Anchorage time, and raced back downstairs, where Boss Man was already waiting. We went to his house for vodka and chocolate cake. I can live with this kind of a boss. I saw a bald eagle. Not in a zoo. Not in a wildlife show. Just flying around, as if it was a big old (predatory) robin.

We also got the word that we would be leaving the next day for Kenai. Sure enough, the next day, we were on another plane to Kenai. It's a 20 minute flight from Anchorage. No security to go through. No random searches. You just walk up to the counter, give them an i.d. They hand you a ticket and you get on the plane. Me, my leopard print jacket, my high heels, and a dozen oil riggers. It's possible I run the risk of becoming a local character in record time.

Last night, we went to Louie's Steak and Seafood for dinner. The blackened prime rib and the king crab salad are not to be missed, should you ever find yourself in Kenai around dinner time. The animal heads and bodies and furs and pelts are a bit much but if you focus on the food, it's yummy goodness. (Note: Among all these carcasses is a crafted, beautifuly made, yet very human head. It's possible I am the only one in the place that found this...odd.) Anyway, be sure to ask for Lisa as your server.

Today, I am trying desperately to be quiet in spite of my lingering coughing and hacking and snorting and sniffling, as the overnight mechanic is asleep in the next bedroom. Lithus is at work. Assuming the sun that has peeked through the clouds is staying where it is and the snow doesn't start again, he will be flying some today. If the snow starts again, it could be tomorrow. Apparently, so long as we're back in Anchorage by Thursday, late afternoon, it really doesn't matter. After all, all we have to do is show up at the airport with our i.d.'s.

I know I'm not doing any of this justice. For a writer, I am finding myself completely incapable of expressing the surreal nature of it all, the absolute joy of the moment, the uniqueness of everything around me. But trust me ~ it's all of those things and so much more. And maybe, if I can find the words, I'll be able to tell you. Until then, we've gotten some stability back, and that's a good thing. Even if ~ especially if ~ it's a little different than most people's stability.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


nRT said...

I am Loving you life.Thanks for sharing with us.
nancy (winrob)

kimber said...

I think you found a rather perfect set of words to encapsulate Alaska... It sounds like a dream -- a very good, surreal, adventurous and beautiful dream. Enjoy!

CrackerLilo said...

Wow, y'all move quick! The important thing is that you seem very happy thus far. I hope you and Lithus stay that way for a long time.

I think you'd end up being a "local character" wherever you went. :-)

Krystal said...

I hear Alaska is beautiful!!!!! Try to stay warm, eh?

BTW, I have become incredibly fat. I think the baby has moved into position. I just have to hang on for six more weeks...

MikeC said...

Aside from the coughing and hacking and snorting and sniffling, so cool in so many ways! Enjoy Alaska and keep us current.

Cam Pike said...

That's great! Alaska is one of those places I would love to see someday.

I expect some pictures of beautiful scenery soon!

Rose said...

This is wonderful! Congrats to you two. Enjoy your stay there and come up with some lovely stories to write..

BostonPobble said...

Nancy ~ That makes three of us. :) Glad you're enjoying reading about it as much as we are enjoying living it.

Kimber ~ Thank you, especially since your blog is the one that makes me think "God, I wish I could write that well."

Cracker Lilo ~ The aviation industry doesn't move slowly, that's for certain. It's taken me a year to catch up with it but I think I'm finally getting the idea. And I can live with being a local character!

Krystal ~ It is indeed beautiful. Still snowy but beautiful. Warm fuzzies being sent your way for 6 more weeks!

Mike C ~ Yes, the coughing, hacking, etc is putting a bit of a damper on the experience but not much of one. :D

Cam Pike ~ You know what I'm going to say, right? Once we're going to be somewhere longer than a minute, you and Mrs. Pike come visit. We missed Seattle/Vancouver/Portand. No way are we missing Alaska.

Rose ~ The stories are practically writing themselves. It's an author's dream come true up here!