Monday, November 15, 2010

For the Record #1

When I receive an email that is intentionally emotionally manipulative and contributes Absolutely Fucking Nothing to the world except more self-righteous crap that doesn't accomplish anything, it makes me the view the sender differently.

If that same email ends with
You now have 2 choices. You can either foward this on to everyone you love or you can delete it as if it has never touched your heart, thus making you an evil, puppy stomping bitch who single handedly let the terrorists win and makes baby Jesus cry. Your choice! :)

or any of the myraid of variations therein, I will opt to be an evil, puppy stomping, terrorist abetting, baby Jesus tormenting bitch every time.

Just for the record.

It doesn't seem this week is starting out any less weird.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.

Ps ~ No, that last clause about stomping puppies and letting the terrorists win wasn't really at the end of the email I just received ... but good Lord, it could've been.


Crow Mother said...

Thank you. It has never been my assertion that God/Goddess/All That Is/Insert Your Deity Of Choice Here bases the quality of our personal relationship on my e-mail choices. I would reconsider a friendship with an actual human whose judgement of our relationship were that petty... I don't think God gives a rat's ass about my e-mail.

MikeC said...

Email. Yes. I logged on to work this morning, opened email, read what was there, and said to myself, "I want to go back to bed." Monday.

Hermes said...

I would love my emails to end with that level of guilt trip. Awesome. I laughed when I read it. Really. Why not spread the joy? In fact, maybe we should start the meme thing again. Post ten things you hate or...
You're a barbarian bent on the destruction of civilization, and of all that the rest of us hold dear. And you must contemplate this as you are crucified on the Tree of Woe!

Sorry. Conan reference.

BostonPobble said...

Crow Mother ~ "I don't think God gives a rat's ass about my e-mail." I think that's my favorite thing you've said since "illadvised."

Mike C ~ Maybe it was Monday-ness rather than another week of weirdness. That is always an option.

GMOL! ~ I could so get behind that meme! And feel free to reference Conan whenever you'd like here. Or any other movie that includes mostly naked men. ;)

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

I know I'm dating myself, but... Do you remember when chain letters used to actually come in the snail mail? People actually believed that bad things would happen if you broke the chain! I would gleefully tear them up and watch others gasp as I did so.

I HAD to tear them up because I had to prove to myself that they were bullshit.

These chain emails are just the same to me. Delete delete delete. Why do people still send them? Are they a poor/modern substitute for some subconscious need for ritual? Appease the god of _____ so he won't rain down vengeance and misfortune upon my head? Hmmm...

BostonPobble said...


I *do* remember postal chain letters and yes, I always ripped them up as well (for the same reason, truth be told). Didn't understand why people sent them then; don't understand why people send them now. Really, I think I can better prove my faith than by, I don't know, living it maybe, then by forwarding an email.

Rose said...

I can not stand those emails, I just hit delete and wonder why people still send them.