Monday, November 29, 2010


These are thoughts that have been full-blown blog posts in my head in the shower or while I'm doing dishes or whatever but that haven't made it here. Until now. In mini-form.

The ravens ride the drafts by the building. I can't help but think they are playing and having a grand old time.

Friday night, I went to the tree lighting in Town Square (yes, that's actually what it's called: Town Square Park). It was wonderfully, Christmas-y awful and I had a blast. Plus, as I texted Crow, in Alaska, when Santa shows up, he has a real sled and all the reindeer. And they are huge. HUGE.

A friend (hi Denny) has had to change the settings on his blog to no longer allow anonymous comments because people have been showing their tails. Another friend (hi Lori) had to do that a couple years ago, as well. I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, but folks? Is it really that hard to be polite, even if you are anonymous? Isn't it more important to be polite when you're anonymous and aren't able to take responsibility for what you say, what you write, how you impact people? Yeah, I know...the choir.

And yet I do understand the freedom that comes with anonymity. I don't blog nearly as often or as freely as I once did because this blog isn't as anonymous as it once was. In the first 3 years of this blog, I remember editing myself all of twice. Once each for Dreamer and AppsRUs. And those edits were word choice, rather than content. In the last 3 years of this blog, there have been more edits and in the last 3 Lots of edits. Edits that have turned into "fuck it, this is too hard to even try to write" content edits, rather than word choice. I'm not nearly as interesting edited, though. Anonymity is quite freeing ~ although it still doesn't give us permission to be mean to each other. In case you were wondering.

I've found a new doctor. This is exciting because I really haven't been in a place to have a doctor since moving from Massachusetts. That's not to say I haven't been to a doctor in that long. I just have gone to walk-in clinics or made single appointments with a friend's doctor or whatever. To have a doctor, that I can build a relationship with, that I can explain my heart-thingy and my Vasal Vegal Vaclav Havel Viva Vegas thingy's nice. Especially since I am incredibly picky about my doctors. A string of bad ones when I was a teenager and young adult have made me wary. I think, however, I like my new one. I know I like the clinic itself, which is always a good start.

It's going to be a weepy holiday season this year. It already is and we're not even into December yet. There are years when I am so overcome by the beauty of the season, by the words of the carols, the expressions of love, that I tear up. Yeah...this is going to be one of those years. It always starts with the coffee commercials. Damn Folgers, anyway.

My all time favorite celebrity crush has been Brian Dennehy. Since I was about twelve. Seriously. Fine, I admit it, I have...unusual...tastes. My top three have been pretty solid for a very long time: Brian Dennehy; Morgan Freeman; Chow Yun Fat. So who the hell do I throw out to add Tim DeKay to that list? (Curiously, I have lost interest in all the "young ones" from that original post. I like a man with some miles on him, apparently. I'm infinitely okay with this.)

Speaking of celebrity crushes, I still really Tim Russert. The political climate is such that we need him, his quiet, if insistant, dignity and intelligence.

And those are Pobble Thoughts, in mini form. That and a buck fifty will get you a demitasse.


Anonymous said...

Re: edits - for a while now I've been linking my blog posts to Facebook - talk about an end to anonimity! And such a mixture of family, long-time friends, online friends, former work friends, and Episcopal friends. Do I edit my blog posts based on that? Probably not. Do I not write certain posts based on that? Probably yes.

Hermes said...

I was a baritone in the choir. Too low to be a good soloist. too high to be a good bass. Boring, humdrum, middle of the road, no one writes music for... baritone. It crushed my dreams of rock stardom early. So...
I am no longer in the choir. Preach.

Neo-Prodigy said...

I'm gonna have to vote for Brian. Morgan is too cool for words and Chow.....he's just fine as hell.

Nemeria said...

And Nemeria will ignore all the substantive stuff and head straight to the meat: Then men.

I'm all about Will Peterson (a.k.a. Gil Grissom). Although now that People has named Ryan Reynolds this year's sexiest guy, I don't get looked at strangely when I name him as a crush (since 1998). But I've also developed a disturbing crush on Zac Efron. That makes me feel vaguely dirty...

BostonPobble said...

Mike C ~ ROFL I cannot imagine linking the Pobble to Pauline. You are a braver man than I to be that transparent!!!

GOML! ~ Odd since you have such a beautiful and strong voice. But I'll keep preaching.

Neo-Prodigy ~ Sorry, dude. Brian's place is sacrosanct. Of course, so are the others'...I may just have to solidfy a Top Four list instead of a Top Three.

Nemeria ~ Well, let's be honest: the men are the important part. You are with Reynolds the way I am with James Franco. I've watched Franco since Freaks and Geeks. Not a crush, so much as a "this guy is gonna go places" watching, the way I do when the director in me kicks in. The rest of the world is just now catching up with us. :) And I understand the Efron thing...Have you seen Daniel Radcliffe recently???? Anywhere between 18 and death, my friend.

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Mmmmm... Chow Yun Fat *sigh*