Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weird Week

Yeah...that pretty much sums it up. Nothing earthshatteringly bad. Nothing announcement inducingly good. Just...weirdness.

* My mom had her hip replaced. I could only be so involved. Alaska is a long way away from Nevada.
* Snow. Before Thanksgiving. Hell, before Veteran's Day. And sun that doesn't come up until almost 10:00 a.m. It's all taking some getting used to.
* My first book has been remaindered (going to be taken out of print due to low sales). Very sad.
* Christmas music is already ... everywhere. I'm a not-no-way-no-how-never-before-Thanksgiving-type o'gal. This is proving to be more jarring than I ever would've imagined.
* Lithus has only been home for about 4 of the last 14 days. He is, as I write this, in flight on the way to Spain. Yes, Spain.
* I've discovered Wii boxing. Love it. Although I tried to "box" in a ring with a cartoon character opponent and hated it. Didn't like the look of hitting a person ~ even an animated one. Totally ruined that workout. Have learned to go around that part of the game.
* I've reached out to my local Romance Writers chapter. They have responded more warmly in emails than my previous group did after months of my attending.
* In spite of the above bullet, I find I am missing my old group.

In writing this all out, it seems so...mundane. Reading it over, I'm thinking Dude, Pobble, what the hell is weird about any of this???? Yet living it, it was weird. Again, not dramatic. Not painful. Weird. In spite of how it translates. *shrugs*

Hoping today resets a bunch of stuff and tomorrow changes things up.

Those are weird Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Hermes said...

Sad about the book. But it happens to everyone right? It took a long time for me to find the Dread Empire stories y Glen Cook. I red them when I was very young and they haven't been in print since. Until last year. Excellent stuff.
I recommend Just Dance for the Wii. Also, Wii Fit Plus. Kung Fu! Awesome.
You need a vacation. Ever been to Bella Coola?

BostonPobble said...

LOVE the Wii Fit Plus Kung-Fu and really want Just Dance. And funniest thing, Bella Coola ended up on my bucket list not terribly long ago. How amazing that you would mention it!

Neo-Prodigy said...

Tell Lithus that he's still hated.


Yes, I'm hating. I'm hating something fierce. I'm hating to the left while quenching my thirst with my haterade.

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

I was heartened to see a sign in front of Nordstrom's at the mall yesterday: "We believe in celebrating only one Holiday at a time, so we will set up for Christmas on 11/26.". Good for them.

Sorry about your book :(

Rose said...

Sorry to hear that about the book. Did the publishers put it on Kindle? I understand a lot of authors are hurting in book sales because of kindle, Nook, Ipad, cell phones, etc. I have started putting our books on Kindle and others.....