Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

Let's be honest ~ as a culture, Americans hate the French. You may not; I may not. As a culture, Americans do. We've never, to my eyes, had a warm and fuzzy relationship with them but after they backed down from going into Iraq almost a decade ago, the attitude went from "not warm and fuzzy" to "as a culture, we hate the French." Remember "freedom fries" or "cheese eating surrender monkeys?" And don't try to tell me that was oh so long ago and we've moved on. It's not that we've moved on; it's that the hatred of the French has moved into the cultural consciousness to the point that we don't have to talk about it any longer. I know of at least one diner that still has "American Fries" on its menu. See?

And the diner was opened in the last 18 months, so you can't even tell me it's expensive to reprint menus once the supidity has worn off. It's a new menu, not a tattoo.

So...okay. Why am I talking about this? Because it seems the one thing Americans hate more than the French are black women. The accuser in the DSK rape case has been denied ... everything.

I've been keeping quiet about this because, even as her "character issues" came out, even as the media started talking about questions being raised, even as they released him from house arrest, the case was still moving forward. As of today, she has been denied everything.

Did she lie on her immigration forms? Sure. People smarter and more connected than I have said this is a fact. I will accept it as such. Did she react inappropriately immediately after the attack? This is up for debate, still, because what, exactly is "appropriate" in such situation. However, for the sake of arguement...fine. She didn't help her case in the moments immediately after the attack (*eye roll*).

So fucking what.

She is unreliable. She is a liar. She is a bad witness. She is imperfect.

So fucking what.

Her description of the attack has never wavered. DNA and physical evidence at the hotel point to the fact that something happened. The United States court system has said they don't care. None of this matters. She doesn't matter.

He is wealthy, internationally important, and white. She is...not. She should still matter. She does still matter. Taking him to trial would've been a travesty of justice? Perhaps it would've been. It wouldn't have been nearly the travesty of justice that not taking him to trial is.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.

Ps/ETA ~ Yes, I do believe this would be different if she was white. She would still be being raked over the coals. She would still be being called names. The court system would still be victim blaming. That comes with gender and misogyny. I also believe the case would've gone to court. The fact that it isn't, I lay directly at the feet of racism. Just to be clear.


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J. Byrd said...

You nailed this! As a southern liberal myself, one who isn't smart enough to move up north into somewhat of a majority, you are right up my alley. Keep em coming!

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Amen. She's an easy target, so fire at will? Give me a break. So what's the moral of the story - Only perfect people make victims worthy of protection?

Oh, and as for our new-found hatred of the French? Really? Does the name Lafayette ring a bell? How many places in the US bear his name? Oh, and on his triumphant return to the US in 1824, 50,000 US citizens cheered the beginning of his 13 month tour of our new country...

I'd bet a million dollars that the majority of my fellow citizens aren't even aware of the role the French played in the American Revolution.

Oh fuck, kick out my soapbox and buy me a drink.