Monday, October 10, 2011

Lessons from the Weekend

* Just because you put vodka in your magarita mix doesn't mean anyone else in the world does. You were drinking tequila.
* It's very possible the woman you think doesn't like you because you slaughtered her language last time you met is actually just shy and afraid you don't like her because she slaughtered your language last time you met. Reach out again. There could be hugs.
* ZhuZhu pets are still cool, even though they've been out for a few years. Crayons are, and always will be, still cool.
* Certain levels of happiness cannot be faked. When you find those, hang on to them.
* A fabulous hat is never inappropriate.
* Grown up birthdays are great. Kids' birthdays are better.

* Leftover carne is delicious. Left over homemade salsa is also delicious. They have both had time to marinate. They are both spicier than they were when they were fresh. Next time, remember this before you take that first, big bite.
* Even Sandpoint, Idaho has standards.

At the Sandpoint mall.

In the window of the Paris Hair Designs and School of Poise

Those are wiser, lesson learned Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


William Dameron said...

I suddenly have a taste for vodka margaritas with chips and salsa....

BostonPobble said...

Bill ~ May I recommend the Rattlesnake, over on Boylston. If Billy is in the kitchen, tell him I said hi. :)

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Oh my... Yes, poise does mean something different in Idaho, doesn't it?

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Oh, and I'd like "a fabulous hat is never inappropriate" as a number sticker...

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

BUMPER!!! (I'm still getting used to this typing thing, apparently...)