Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Signal Boost

A couple years ago, my friend, Lori, watched as her son deployed to Iraq.

At some point, he or his friends had Beanie Babies and ended up giving them to the kids surrounding the camp...or the convoy...or...something. I should know the details, but I don't. It didn't seem all that important at the time it was happening, honestly. Just a quick mention from Brian to his mom. His mom, being a superhero in disguise living here among us mere mortals, happened to put the word out that if anyone had any Beanies, they were wonderful ambassadors for the soldiers in Brian's unit and she'd send them over, for them to hand out. We did. She did. They did. Word got out...

This thing has exploded. Toys For Troops in now incorporated, for cripe's sake. Lori's mailing list has moved so far beyond Brian's unit. While, yes, they absolutely still send Beanies, now they also send care packages for the soldiers themselves, especially at the holidays (which, in case you hadn't noticed, we're approaching rapidly).

So, if you are looking for a creative and unusual way to support the troops this season, you are so in luck. It's time for the annual Toys For Troops Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser! The dinner is free. The raffle is the fundraising part.
The event itself takes place in Illinois. To my knowledge, none of my usual readers are anywhere close to Illinois (well, except for Lori, of course, but she already knows about this so...digressing...). Do Not Let This Deter You, People! Not all of the raffle items are local. Some of the ones I'm drooling over?
  • a nook ereader. Seriously, folks. A freaking NOOK.
  • $600 worth of Sephora cosmetics
  • Cabot cheese gift pack
And these aren't the only non-Illinois-y winnings; just the ones I want the most. You don't have to be present to win, even. For all the details, and to enter the raffle online, go here: Toys for Troops Fundraiser Also, you can find information about donating raffle items (still not too late); getting a soldier onto the mailing list; "adopting" a soldier off of the mailing list; and donating items for the care packages.

Know something else ~ Lori doesn't make a cent off of this. Everything that is donated goes directly to the cause. Purchasing, packaging, and postage. That's it. Hell, she doesn't even use donations to buy the spaghetti fixins (full disclosure, this year the spaghetti was donated, but that hasn't always been the case ~ and she still didn't reimburse herself for the costs).

I just realized, I'm going on and on about this, but you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm proud of my friend and what she'd done and doing. I'm proud of her son. I'm proud she calls me her friend, too. So, yeah, going on and on a little. Click on that link. See what you can do. If you've ever wanted fifty cents to be valued as if it was fifty grand, this is the place to go.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. These are my friends.

That and a buck fifty will get you spaghetti, a big hug, and a raffle ticket...and of course, coffee.


Paria said...

Perfectly put. I couldn't have summed up the event, Lori or Brian better myself.

Bravo, gorgeous friend.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Thank you, thank you. Sniff. Thank you.

(My word verification is "squer." That's very close to "Squeeee!")

William Dameron said...

What a great cause and you are a good friend. I'll click on the link. (as a Non-Illinois-y person)

BostonPobble said...

Paria ~ Thank you. This one (and they) kind of write the description without much input from me.

Lori ~ Squee-r. As in One Who Squees. As in US!

Bill ~ THANK YOU!!!! May you win the Nook or the cheese box. Yes, I am willing to forgo them for you, since you are willing to click. THANK YOU!

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

It was an absolutely amazing event. We heart us some Lori.