Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little Bits of Nothingness

* By no definition in anyone's world could I be considered a hoarder. If anything, I am the anti-hoarder. Not being able to go through my house at my divorce or my childhood home when it was sold has made me...hard...about things. It is a thing, it can be replaced. If we ever need another one, we can buy it. It's a thing, and while it may not be able to be replaced, I have the memory of it, and there is very little that means that much in the long run, anyway. Yeah. Hard. That being said, as Lithus and I have finally unpacked, we have discovered we are missing things. A couple great lamps. My favorite candle holders. A particularly efficient colander. Nothing that cannot be replaced but...still. There were my things. And I didn't choose to get rid of them. It's...annoying.

* All that being said, I love having two of something in my pantry. Two cans of tomato paste. Two packs of spaghetti. Two jars of body wash. Two makes me happy. I can use one, and still know the other is there. Except for toilet paper. Toilet paper, I want an eight pack in every bathroom. Who knows why. I just accept it and move on with my day.

* I was invited to guest blog a couple days ago here. It was a little nerve wracking honestly, because I really respect these nine authors and wanted to do a good job for them. Feedback as been solid, so I think I did. And if you click over there, please note you have until the 21st to leave a comment for a free book!

* Lithus hasn't worked since November ~ which is okay, because he still gets a salary with this company, so there's been no panic or need to job hunt; we've just been able to enjoy being at home, together. HOWEVER! We also realized very quickly that sitting all winter would turn us fluffy. Our new apartment has a workout room, so we started going. Now, I work out every day on the road, but it's sometimes difficult in a hotel room. Here, we've been going for seven days, then a day off. Oh my goodness, what a difference we're seeing. Sitting all winter is not making us fluffy!

See? Little bits of nothingness, just to keep writing.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Sean said...

It's funny. My family moved a lot growing up, and dad always looked at a house as an investment, not a home. We had things, but by today's standards were not spoiled. And every time we moved we used it as an opportunity to decide what should stay or go. Then the military. Living in barracks, living out of a duffel bag, and deploying to third world countries made me so disgusted when I'd see the amount of stuff I'd acquired. I strive to get rid of one thing whenever I bring something else into the house but some how or another "things" just accumulate.

Gamina said...

I purged a crap load of clothes recently, I hadn't had access to them for three months and I didn't miss them so, I got rid of them. Three garbage bags worth donated. It's nice having a closet where I can see everything! Now just need to do the rest of the apartment...

BostonPobble said...

Sean ~ It is amazing how it accumulates. There have been times I've looked at something and thought "do I even *own* this????"

Gamina ~ Interestingly enough, the stuff from Worcester that I haven't had access to in so long is some of the stuff I am most protective of. It's the stuff I didn't purge and, dammit, I WANT it! LOL Still, I have done that same thing before. Realize I didn't miss the stuff in that box, so simply dumped it.