Thursday, May 30, 2013

Too Much T.V.

I admit it; I've been watching a lot television recently. Movies and shows and the commercials that run in between them. While I'm not proud of it, it has at least, given me some interesting things to think about.

Thing the First: The person who is set up, learns something impossible, has their world turned upside down, is suddenly on the run. Inevitably, the character has something unbelievable they need someone to believe. They've been abducted by aliens. They aren't really insane. No one else remembers they exist. No one else remembers something has happened. They need someone to listen, believe them, and not call the police, the psychiatrist, the government, depending on the situation. Sometimes the confidant rises to the occasion. Other times, they assure the character they will listen and then they make the call while the character is finally getting a must needed rest, shower, or meal. So sad.

Which made me wonder ~ who would I call on if I needed someone to believe me when no one else would, needed someone to believe the unbelievable. Lithus, first and foremost. Because of particularly bitter exes, we had to agree a long time ago that we would believe what came out of each other's mouths over anything else. No, it's not to the degree I've mentioned above, but the concept is the same. He will believe me and help. If he doesn't believe me, he will still help. Our vows even included having the others' back. Second, the Lovely Cats. Yeah, she has her issues, but if I need her ~ really need her ~ she'd be there. Even if it means sneaking me across the border, paying off the aliens, hiding me from the people who are trying to set me up, or any of the other plots that have popped up recently.

Thing the Second: Also includes Lithus but not in the same way. There is a hero. He is doing something dangerous. His girlfriend/wife/fiance is in the control room when the government, ambiguously-good guys, people in charge decide they don't trust him to complete the plan and have to do something for the greater good that will end up killing our hero. At which point, the girlfriend/wife/fiance starts to cry and beg. That's all she does. She knows these people are about to kill the hero, whom she loves, and she cries and begs.

Dude. If the ambiguously-good guy goes to kill Lithus, greater good be damned, they will have to knock my ass out in order to accomplish their goal. I will be clawing and punching and screaming and pushing buttons and pulling levers and generally being a mad woman in order to keep them from doing whatever they feel they need to do. I get that they feel they need to do it. They are wrong. Why do these women just stand there and cry?

Thing the Third: Product placement has entered the realm of commercials. Really? And not something that makes some kind of sense like the fast food commercial includes a plug for the cola they serve with their combo meals. No, this is about a car commercial that includes an ad for windows 8. Or a clothing store commercial that includes a movie trailer. Are our attention spans so short that we can't even pay attention to our hot cocoa commercials without needing them to be ads for something else as well? *sigh* I guess the answer to that is evident, if I like it or not.

Thing the Fourth: It happened the other day. The first documentary dealing with something that is going to occur beyond my lifetime has shown up on my television. And I don't mean things that are going to happen beyond everyone's lifetime, or even beyond the lifetimes of everyone alive right now. I was watching a show and it talked about being concerned with things that were going to happen in 2050. And there it is. I will be 90. Lithus will be 99. Yes, technically, we could still be around to be impacted by the event, but really? The kids in my world will have to deal with this one without me. Until now, it's been "oh, I'll be in my 60s" or " 70s" and I plan on still being pretty damn vibrant. But 90s? Hmmm...

What about you? Who would call if they had to believe the unbelievable?

Those are random Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.