Monday, February 17, 2014


Way back when, when I first started blogging, three specific bloggers ended up on my comments page: WolfGrrrl, Tai, and Spider Girl (I believe Spider Girl showed up first, but I could be mistaken). Over the years, we have all gone our separate ways, but the woman I originally knew as WolfGrrrl and I still exchange the occasional "hi" and she remains one of my favorite people out in cyberspace. Which makes it a no-brainer for me to boost this.

She and her (equally talented) husband are Fox & Bee. One of the (many) creative things they do is make videos. Here is their latest project. Watch, share, do what you can.

Those are Pobble Thoughts ~ with the help of an old friend. That and a buck fifty donated to the right place will get you an entire freaking forest.


Wolfgrrrl said...

Thanks, Pobble! This is the forest that Tai, Spider Girl and I grew up in, so it means a great deal to us. It's due to be logged in 2016. The community is raising funds to buy the land, conserve the forest, and keep it for public use, so any help is greatly appreciated!

PS I also saw Spider Girl today and we went for a walk -- she's doing well, and I'll tell her you say hello!

BostonPobble said...

Wolfgrrrl ~ I hope you save your forest. :) And yes, give Spider Girl and Tai my very best.