Friday, July 18, 2014

Let's Just Stop

When I was learning math in school, I would struggle and struggle because I didn't understand why. Why 2+2=4. Why one cross multiplies fractions. Why a train leaves the station at 2:33 traveling 92 miles per hour. Throughout my school and math-learning career, I struggled with the why. Eventually, though, I would finally get to the point where I would remember that the why doesn't always matter. What matters is accepting. Accept that  2+2=4. Accept that one cross multiplies fractions. Accept that the train left the station...

Along those lines, here's what I want to suggest: that we just accept a couple of things. Stop arguing about them. Stop debating them. Stop even talking about them. Just accept that they are bad and stop doing them.

1. Stop wearing black face. Or yellow face. Or red face. Or any other kind of face that isn't your own skin color. "But I meant to be respectful...." "But I wanted to honor the character..." "But I meant it in fun..." Bullshit. No, you didn't. Not any more. Not at this stage of the game. It's a bad idea, regardless of your motivation. And anyone who hasn't lived under a rock for the past 30 years knows this. Don't play dumb; it's not attractive.

2. Stop leaving your children (or pets) in hot cars. They die. There is no such thing as "a quick run in" when your child (or pet) is in a hot car. Cracking a window doesn't matter. Parking in the shade doesn't matter. How long you intend to be away doesn't matter. Your dog would rather be at home. Your child can come in with you. And if your kid can't, then you shouldn't be running the errand right then. 

3. Stop adopting fake gay relationships as a plot device. Either make your characters gay, bring them out of the closet, and embrace it, or leave them straight. Why is two men pretending to love each other and want to make love with each other funny? Here's the easy answer ~ it's not. At best, it's lazy writing. At worst, it's subtle bigotry. 

4. Stop using derogatory words for a group if you aren't a part of that group. White folks don't get to say n****r. Men can't reclaim slut. Straight folks are never hip enough to throw around f****t. "But they say it..." may be true, but it's their word to reclaim. Not yours. This isn't rocket science.

In fact, none of it is. But we aren't getting it, somehow. We're fighting it, fighting with the why. It's time to stop fighting it, and accept it. Understanding doesn't matter. Why doesn't matter. These things are wrong, hurtful, stupid, and ignorant. Stop doing them. 2+2=4. It just does.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Anonymous said...

Your posts always keep me guessing. You'll have these great ones about the beauty of life, then you'll have equally great ones full of (justified) moral outrage.

BostonPobble said...

So and So ~ Welcome to my brain. Social justice and what color nail polish my next manicure should be, all at once.