Monday, October 06, 2014

Dear Fellow White People - Screaming Liberal Post # 9

My fellow white people ~ Do you know that protests in Ferguson are even still going on????? Because they are!!! And you should know this!!! Or have you moved on to the next thing that "has to do with me (read: white people)"??????? Ferguson does have to do with you! You should fucking care!!! 

My fellow white people ~ You know what you shouldn't do? You shouldn't be killing black people!!!!! What The Fuck Are You Doing????? Are You Fucking Kidding Me????? Stop Shooting Black People!!!! Stop excusing it when other white people do!!!! Why does anyone even need to tell you this?????? 

My fellow white people ~ We know what happened! Stop pretending like we don't. The fact that the grand jury has been given until next year to decide whether or not to indict is nauseating. We have eye-fucking-witnesses. We know what fucking happened. Two young black men were walking down the street and now one of them is dead because a white cop shot him. There could be no threat that made this an option.

My fellow white people ~ Stop Getting Your Fucking Information From Other White People! Yes! Including me! Why does my outrage, or my version, or my words, carry more weight? Other white people are telling you about the looters in Missouri. They aren't telling you about the vastly more numerous peaceful protesters who are being met with tear gas and riot gear. Read. Listen. Learn. From people who aren't filtering it through your own damn filters. My voice shouldn't matter more than Jamelle Bouie, Heben Nigatu (or brilliantly and must-readly here), Monica Roberts,  or Denny Upkins' voices do. Read The Root, occasionally. At the very least, click on Huffington Post Black Voices. Do your own searching, and find your own sources.

My fellow white people ~ Get Over Yourselves. For once in your lives, consider someone else "the norm" or "most important." Let go of any sense of superiority based on flesh tone. We, after all, are the ones killing black children as they walk down the street, ask for help, and go home from the store. What's so fucking superior about that?

My fellow white people ~ Don't You DARE ask me why I'm still writing about this/angry about this/making you think about this "after all this time." Don't fucking dare.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Anonymous said...

Did that make it feel better? Nothing like a good rant.
Not that I disagree. My only comment is: why does the short attention span and lack of collective accountability surprise you? There are atrocities that have had intergenerational effects over centuries that no one is addressing. (sigh) You need a beer. Do you have time to visit? Did I mention guest cabin?