Thursday, October 02, 2014

Meeting Friends

A weird thing happens in this day and age ~ one can become real, vital, genuine friends with people one has never met. Through blogging, and through email. But also through text message and the ubiquitous phone that instead of being stuck on our wall, where we may or may not be for months at a time, is in our pocket at all times.

When we drove into Lori's driveway, I said to Lithus "these people already consider you their friend; you don't have to feel like you're meeting them for the first time." My statement completely disregarded the fact that I, too, was technically meeting them for the first time. 

The shoe was on the other foot last night. We went over to another friend's house, this time one of Lithus' friends. He and the man in the couple have been colleagues for years, became friends about 5 years ago, and have grown into confidants thanks to text messages and being able to stay in touch, even when they are hundreds, or sometimes, thousands of miles away from their homes. As we drove into their driveway, I realized, these people already know me. They consider me a friend. They care about me. They've seen me through everything they've seen Lithus through, and vice versa. 

For every time this day and age can break our hearts, there are a dozen other times it heals them. It's nice to meet my friends.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Ian Lidster said...

Nice for me to meet my friends, too. Like you, for example. We've never met in life but I feel I know you and you feel you know me. And it feels great.