Friday, March 19, 2010

Defining Stability

I have known for a long time that my definition of stability is different from ... just about everyone else's. Home? Unnecessary. Pictures on the walls? Nice, but not needed. Wake up in the same room, in the same town, most mornings? you know me? My stuff around me? If I've got my bear, something that belonged to my father, and the knowledge Boston is still there when I'm ready to go back, that's really all I need. The local joint where everybody knows your name? almost got me with that one but ~ I can do without it.

Here's what I need:

I need to know my bills are going to be paid this month ~ and next.
To know when the next several paychecks are coming ~ and approximately what they will be.
Bear, something that belonged to my father, and the knowledge that Boston is still there when I'm ready to go back.
To wake up next to Lithus far more mornings than I wake without him. Far more mornings.

We're close, people. We're really, really close. Good news soon (I hope!). Until then...

Those are still Pobble Thoughts and that and a buck fifty will still get you coffee.

Ps ~ I am aware that, should Boston not be there when I'm ready to go back, it means we have far bigger problems than my own personal sense of stability.


nRT said...

BP, love the cribbage post and triple love the Boston cribbage board. Its a treasure.
Congrats on your new book, i need a good read.
Boston will always be here. We New Englanders are survivors.
Last day of winter was 68 degree and today the first day of spring its going into the 70's. I love it.Husband took the bike out yesterday..the earliest ever. Today we will go for a ride, I'm so excited.
Love reading your blog...just don't post often.
take care, all the best on your adventures
nancy (winrob)

neo_prodigy said...

I have mentioned you are truly every bit the badass Ms. Howard is haven't I?

Hermes said...

Good news? In he context in which it was metioned in this piece, that sounds exciting.

MikeC said...

Blogspot needs a "Like" button. I would click it here.

BostonPobble said...

nRT ~ Always glad to see you here. And you're right; New Englanders can survive just about anything. :)

Neo_Prodigy ~ Goodness, I don't think you actually have. Or at least I don't remember it, and I think that is something I would remember. Thank you. :)

GOML! ~ Soon, soon, soon.

Mike C ~ Thanks. And I think I prefer actual comments. ;)