Thursday, July 01, 2010

Two Days

Lithus had Tuesday and Wednesday off. That's his schedule ~ he works for 12 days and then gets/has to take two days off. Last time, we stayed in Galena because it was questionable if he would get paid if he went to Fairbanks. Since then, we were assured that, if he went no further than Fairbanks, he would still get paid (don't ask, seriously). Monday night, we were in Fairbanks.

Not very long ago, people used to joke ~ and justifiably so ~ that roughing it for me was a hotel without room service. I couldn't disagree with them. I didn't even want to. Self-awareness is a good thing, after all. Amazing how things can change. These days, luxury is a fitted sheet on the bed and a bathtub.

When watching MASH or even back when I was married to the SGM, I never really understood the concept of a 48 hour pass. What good was 48 hours? Why bother traveling into town, wherever "town" was, just for 48 hours. Wouldn't that just make you more miserable when you had to come back after such a short time? Oh, how little I understood.

We spent three nights in the hotel. I have taken three baths. I was bad for the environment and got fresh towels every single morning. We were up until three and slept until eleven. We saw a movie in a theatre with popcorn. We ate meals we had a choice in. He drank scotch; I drank vodka; we both had Diet Pepsi. There was ice for our drinks. There were television shows we wanted to veg in front of, in our own bed. I wore skirts and makeup and high heels and even did my hair.

Now, I'm back in Galena. Lithus is on his way. And it's actually good to be here, good to be, well, home. But those two days...oh my friends...what lovely two days...

Those are rested and refreshed Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


MikeC said...

Glad you enjoyed the time away so much! My comment is always that my idea of roughing it is sharing a bathroom with my wife.

Neo_Prodigy said...

@MikeC: ROFLMAO!!!!!!

BostonPobble said...

Mike C. ~ *snort* I love it!

Neo_Prodigy ~ Yep.