Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Thoughts

A couple days ago, I met a man who asked if I was 33, 34 years old. Since I am within days of my 42 birthday, I promptly fell in love with him.

Last winter, I officially asked Lithus for a new tattoo for my birthday. Given the fact that we are nowhere near a tattoo that doesn't involve homemade ink and a sewing needle, I think that will have to wait. Anyway...

Once I started looking at the Republican candidates for their party's presidential nominee, I changed my request to Canadian citizenship. Or at least the paperwork filled out that will take me one step closer, just in case.

Realistically, I've told him I'll be happy with a nicely scented salt scrub and new fuzzy pink slippers. Seriously, when can you ever go wrong getting me bath products and fuzzy pink slippers. Never, I say. Never!

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee. Everything else here is gonna cost a little more.


William Dameron said...

I hear ya' on the republican candidates! Happy birthday!

BostonPobble said...

Bill ~ Thank you!

nRT said...

Happy Belated Birthday BP. I hope you had a wonderful day. Love catching up on your adventure~blog.