Monday, September 19, 2011

Dribs and Drabs

  • Tomorrow marks the end of DADT! On the one hand, timely, past timely. On the other, so long as DOMA is still in effect, really only half the battle. This is one of the places where I think the debate in favor of same sex marriage not only should take place, but must take place.
  • I've discovered a love for old school calisthenics. Push ups, jumping jacks, planks, squats, shadow boxing...I love 'em all. Who would've guessed?
  • There is a new phone. Bless Lithus's heart, he so wants me to have a smart phone. Or at least a flip phone. Or a slidey phone. Or something. The thing is, though, I am hard of hearing. Pretty distinctly so. And the more a phone does besides just be a phone, the less phone-like qualities it has. So, yes, there is a new phone. It's another $15 Go Phone and I can hear quite well through it, thank you very much. Mind you, sending Nemeria a single line text this morning took five whole minutes because none of the extras are the same as I'm used to but hey ~ I can hear.
  • Check this out: Middle Child Press. They are a new epub house created to get women of color published. While it is a travesty that we still need such a house, we do, so let's support it!
  • I'm thinking about starting an ongoing segment over at Stilettos In The Outback entitled "Carnivale." Now, more than ever, Lithus and I have indeed run away with the carnival. There is a core group of people who work for this new company and we move from place to place. While it's not actually a caravan ~ or hasn't been yet ~ we all end up in the same place, share food or booze or look after the kids or each other. And maybe that's all that needs to be said about it; maybe it will become something. It's an amazing experience though, this carnivale I've joined, and worthy of noting.
  • An introduction, of sorts...If you look over at my links, there on the left, you'll see a few new names: Authentic Life, where Bill writes about life and writing and Boston and family and yes, trying to be authentic in an often inauthentic world (and did I mention Boston?); and Reporting Live, where Paria writes about love and pain and success and failure and keeping on and reaching goals ~ all with a poignant sense of self. Also, J Byrd, if you're still reading, I can't comment on your blog and I want to! Any thoughts on how to finagle that?
  • We bought a car. In Alaska, we were driving a cherry red firebird. It was completely and totally irresponsible and oh so fun. We knew, however, that we couldn't do that again. This time, we really needed a bush vehicle. We researched and set out looking for Durangos. We're now the proud owners of a 2002 Land Rover. At least it's not a sportscar, right?
  • In spite of the carnival, I'm back to watching television and movies set in northeast cities just to go dreamy eyed over the exterior shots. Apparently, it's been a long time since I've been home.
  • ETA: How Did I Not Know This???? Talbots has a petite plus size section. And their models are actually and for real plus sized. No shit. Because not all of us who are petite are size 2s. And some of us ~ I know, this is daring ~ still want quality clothing. Demanding, short, zaftig women that we are.
Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Grandma Carol said...

When Robin and I arrived at the Denver airport in June, Avis didn't have the car we ordered, so we ended up with this:

BostonPobble said...

Grandma Carol ~ ROFLMAO! LOVE it! And please tell Robin it was really good to see her, even if it was just in a picture.

Neo-Prodigy said...

Carnival. Yeah I can sorta see that.

BostonPobble said...

N-P ~ It's indescribable, even for me.