Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm Working On It

Given the last post, I know I owe you a post on the wedding. It was WONDERFUL. Lori is breathtaking. I will write on it. But the pictures haven't gone from my phone to my computer yet. She hasn't even seen them yet. Plus, I want to write about it. Not just sketch it out. Which takes time and thought and energy. So I'm working on it.

Instead, we'll break the seal and get back to blogging with some blathering.

It's Christmas list time here at Casa de Pobble. Also, my birthday is Friday, so Lithus has asked for suggestions from me. Here's the thing ~ I have a thing about linens. I adore linens. Bed sheets. Bath sheets. Table cloths. Napkins. Kitchen towels. Bed sheets.

And! Both of my kids and their respective partners, have moved into new homes. My Heart and the Listener have gotten engaged, so they have made a serious commitment to building a home together. The Grasshopper is becoming a teenager, and his tastes are changing. The Hatchling is becoming a tween and her tastes are changing.


Luckily, Lithus keeps me reigned in. Apparently, not everyone goes apoplectic over new linens under their tree or as a birthday present. I don't get it, but, yeah...linens are frequently considered mundane. Who knew?

Those are 800 thread count Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee. 


Anonymous said...

ANY time you want to send me 800 thread count sheets please feel free to send them here.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Not only that, but some people actually do not even *like* fine linens. Clint doesn't. Diane doesn't. They like smaller thread count, "crisp" sheets, and not the luxurious soft ones.


Anonymous said...