Sunday, March 15, 2015

Questions For You...

Big Ol' Edited To Add here ~ while I appreciate greatly my phone, text, and email blowing up with concerned readers, let me assure you I am okay! Lithus is okay! We are okay!

I'm not even looking for advice, or support. It really is just about my wondering about other people's thoughts on their lives and how they handle their own experiences.


And I do hope some of you answer, because I'm intrigued to know other people's thoughts on this.

At what point do you say "enough"? Is there ever too much? When you can no longer understand, accept, not judge, adapt to the situation? When do you realize you have to walk away from a person, relationship, or situation? And do you consider it a defeat to do so ~ or is it taking back your power?

So much right up in my face these days.

Those are Pobble Questions. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Dennis R. Upkins said...

I think every situation is different with varying mileage, but for me, I have found that my gut/signs in the air/God/Goddess will tell me when it's time to go.

In some cases, something told me to stick around, not so much for the person in question, but there was something else on my journey that I needed to witness or see. Or there was a career opportunity or a lesson that I was suppose to discover on my journey.

But when the signs are clear that it's time to part ways, I do so. No excuses, no apologies no regrets.

Some folks are in your life for a season, some for a reason. Either you found your soulmate or that ex or abusive parent is a cautionary tale of what you could become.

In most cases, I finally had to say no, I deserve better and I'm not going to allow myself to be abused, exploited or mistreated by others.

If I've been good to that person and they aren't happy or if they aren't getting what they need or if we just aren't a fit, then there is no shame in parting ways and getting on with our lives.

If there is a repeated pattern of abuse after it's been repeatedly called out, that is a major flag right there.

MikeC said...

Pobble, wander over to my blog and click on "heading in a new direction" in the category map. You might want to scroll bottom to top. We move ahead and make the changes we need to make. We do what we need to do.