Sunday, June 09, 2013


Heart surgery. Those are still weird words, and an even weirder concept. But I feel really good. And I'm fixed, which is amazing.

A pre-surgery pose

Starbuck had suggested I wear my stilettos into surgery. Sadly, that couldn't be arranged. However! Lithus ran with the idea, and I was at least able to be colorful.
Electric pool blue toes

Only in Louisiana can you have heart surgery on Day One and on Day Two be served sausage and biscuit for breakfast. I drank my coffee and had a banana.
The morning after
For 24 years, I have been ignored and written off and condescended to around this issue. Then there was this man: Dr. Daniel. If you ever need anything done to the electrical system in your heart, contact me and I will give you his full name, because this is the guy you want. After 24 years, he found it, and fixed it, in thirty-seven days. With a bedside manner and grace that are hard to come by in specialist doctors. Plus, he got to NOLA from Boston, via Worcester. What's not to love?

Favorite doctor *ever*
Need I say that Lithus was brilliant? And continues to be so? He never left my side. He talked when I needed company and was quiet when I needed peace. Every time I reached my hand out, he was there. Some of the details are too personal, even for here. Some, can't be adequately described, even by me. This is not a pain-free procedure. It is not a mess-free procedure. And Lithus was there, through it all. See that window seat down there? That was his "bed" for the night. And he never complained.

Favorite person *ever*
And finally ~ finally ~ I got to go back outside. It was a beautiful day.

Note: beautiful day

It's only day two and I'm already bored. Luckily, heavy rest is up after today. Then I spend a week still being easy, but at least more functional. It's all worth it, though. I'm fixed.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


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I am so happy you're 'fixed' and you look positively radiant in the pictures. Too bad about the stilettos, though.