Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Turning Left, Turning Right

At some point in my kidhood, I heard somewhere that, if you ever wanted to solve a labyrinth, you should always turn left when forced to leave the main path. This stuck with me. For some reason, I expected the need to navigate terrifying mazes to be something I would have to do far more often than life has actually demanded of me. However! I was ready. I knew to turn left.

Then, for a while, we were told that, when given a choice between two lines, Americans would take the one on the right, so left lines tended to be shorter here in the US. Which took me to the left.

Finally, married to the SGM, he would complain bitterly about soldiers under his command who would wander aimlessly during trainings, making that much harder to ensure their safety. To which I would reply, "Well, then, if you're ever looking for me, I will have stayed straight until I couldn't any longer, then I'll turn left." Very much like the labyrinth, not being a Green Beret, this never came into play for me. But we had the leftward traveling plan.

As such, now, whenever I leave a building...a parking lot...a turnstile...just about anywhere, I turn left. Last night, however, was 2013's supermoon and wow, was I hoping to see it. So, when I walked out of my apartment, I turned... right.

Good lord! The movie set was gone. The movie set that had been there Sunday was now gone on Monday. This: 

Movie Set
Had become, this:
No Movie Set

I was astounded.

At this point, in order to get to the grocery store, which was my other reason for going out, I had to turn left again, and so I did. But good grief, even that was a new experience. New shadows. New groups of kids on the corners. Less light on the street, more light in office windows of people working late. Different stories to create, different characters to visit. Suddenly, the grocery became not just another place that was open, but the only place that was open. The haven shining into the surrounding darkness. It was mysterious and wicked and just a little naughty to be here, at this hour. All of one block up.

I like turning left. I know I will continue to do so. But I was reminded last night that turning left is only unique if, occasionally, you turn right, too.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.