Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Bit Overwhelmed (Again)

It has, once again, been long enough since I posted that the thought of posting has gotten overwhelming. Only this time, the thought of cleaning out my inbox and catching up on Pauline's facebook and updating my record keeping and replying to emails has gotten a bit overwhelming. See, pretty much since August 21st, I have been disconnected. I truly do not remember the last time I bothered to pull out my computer. And yes, I have a smart phone, so have checked the occasional email, paid bills for the first of the month, and have been texting like mad. But computer work? Nothing.

What have I done? Lithus' time off started on the 22nd. On the 21st, the company asked me to drive the Country Boy Mechanic to Salt Lake City for his ride to the airport. Sure, why not. It's only 5 hours round trip. And could we pick up some equipment while we're in town? Sure, why not. 

So, I drove my five hours and got back to town to a text from Lithus that said he was done for the day and we could take off if we wanted. So, I pulled in, we packed up, and hit the road again. To my (step)daughter's wedding on the 24th, in Oregon, by way of Boise, Idaho. Then it was down to southern Oregon to spend time with Crow, Bil, My Heart, Grasshopper, and the Hatchling. 

We got back to Utah last night (southern Oregon to Richfield, Utah, by way of Ely, NV, if you're interested) in time for a restful evening. Today, I will drive back to Salt Lake City to pick up Country Boy Mechanic from his time off.

When I get home tonight, I will have driven 2731 miles, without counting the in-town running around. Hopefully, by the time I go to bed tonight, I will have caught up with a bunch of people and have my online life a little more in order. 

Oooo...I do love my life.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


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