Thursday, September 12, 2013

That Time Of Year

Lithus and I have long said that if there was an award for Best Use Of Halloween Decoration As Year-Round Home Decor, we would win it. Many of the items we love most in our home we originally sold as "seasonal items." Okay. Whatever.

He had a day off the other day and we decided to go exploring. Oooo! It's that time of year again...

Fair enough, not a decoration, but still exciting: GhostMallows!

The last few years, the go-to decoration was owls. This year, apparently, it's the simplicity of the word "Boo." We can live with this.

Kitchen canisters

And yes, these will find homes in our home and stay there, year round. Now, if I could just find the Addams Family mansion for sale somewhere...

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.