Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Easy Challenge

Okay white folks (and straight folks, and cis-folks, but yeah, mostly white folks), here's an easy challenge for you ~

For the next few days, call it a week, pay attention. Look around you. How many people of color (or gay or trans-people, but yeah, mostly people of color) do you see. How many on television? How many in movies ~ or movie trailers? How many in your neighborhoods? At your kids' schools? In your restaurants, grocery stores, and lobbies? Your place of worship? Your office, or university. Wherever you are, how many people do you see who don't look like you?

And where are they? Are they sitting next to you, like equals? Or are they serving you? Are they the star of the show, commercial, or movie? Or are they the sidekick? The one in a group of three or four or more?

Now, think about this, if the position was reversed, if you were the only white person, or one of the only white people, and everyone else had different skin than you do, how would you feel? Really? The easy answer, dear liberal Pobble Thoughts readers, all of whom I adore, is you'd be fine with it. But would you really? When was the last time you were in the situation to know?

Now, take it up another notch. Pay attention to the other white folks around you. See them. How do you think they would treat a person of color (or openly LGBTQ person) if that person came in and expected to be treated as an equal. Again, the easy answer is the people around you would be fine. But would they? Take the time to think about it; to see the people around you.

Give it a week. Let me know what you see.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.