Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's 2014. Wow. How did it get to be 2014? I ask that every year, I know, but the question remains every year.

Last night, Lithus and I partied like it was 1944. Seriously. We went to the WWII museum ball. 17 piece big band. Band leader. USO-style singers. 1930's and '40's music. Benny Goodman. Artie Shaw. Louis Pima. Louis Armstrong. The Andrew Sisters. The greats.

Interestingly enough, though, it didn't feel fake. It wasn't a costume ball. We were all (mostly) in our own clothes. Since there were prizes for best 40s look and hairstyle, there were some costumes, but not nearly as many as we had feared. Lots of men in tuxes ~ some even with tails, at the table of Federal judges next to us ~ lots of women in floor length. The most casual anyone got was one man wearing a suit without a tie. Some of the dancers on the dance floor were formal dancers with moves and steps. The rest of us, just got out there and bumped around a bit. All of it was done with absolute joy and abandon.

By whom even I was out Mame-d.

Dinner was a beef carving station with creamed spinach and Yorkshire pudding; a seafood station; a lobster pasta station; bananas foster; Belgium waffles; mini pastries. All prepared perfectly. I have never really considered stations to be fine dining experiences. Last night, I was proven to be mistaken.

The "specialty cocktail" was citron vodka, splash of lime, splash of lemon, splash of simple syrup, topped off with champagne. Alternating that with club soda made me very happy. Lithus was quite pleased with the scotch selection. And, while there were certainly people who had imbibed quite nicely, no one was messy drunk. When dealing with an open bar, that's quite a feat.

At midnight, there was a champagne toast, complete with balloon drop. I was at a ball with a balloon drop.

The music, the food, the atmosphere, the was an amazing night.

Louis Pima's daughter. She sounds like you would expect his daughter to sound.

May 2014 be everything you want it to be.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


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