Monday, April 13, 2009

Lip Sync For Your Life...

...and don't fuck it up.

As you may have gathered from the post immediately preceding this one, today was a rough day in my writing world. A frantic phone call to Crow Mother was followed by an equally panicked email to Dennis R. Over four hours and innumerable emails later, I was less frantic, less panicked, had things back in perspective, had a plan and a mental road map. I was also fried. Burnt out. Done.

This isn't the only stress in my world right now. It's just the most urgent stress. That doesn't mean the rest of it isn't stressful or always right there, simmering on the back burner. So yeah ~ I was done.

What I realized was I work very, very hard. Usually, I also play very, very hard. Recently, there's been no play. At least not very, very hard play. I needed a reset. I needed to blow out the stagnant air in my brain and start fresh. There's not a lot of money right now. It's not only Sunday but it's Easter Sunday (a Pagan and a Jew walk into a bar on Easter...) so options are limited.

We called Flora and went bowling. Yep. Bowling. With Flora. Sounds like a great game show, doesn't it?

We were loud. We were inappropriate. We both amused and slightly frightened the family in the next lane. We sang and danced and boogied and wiggled to the videos playing. And then, just as it was my turn, it came on the video screen.

I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent playing Magenta. At parties. In movie theatres. In theatre theatres. In front of my own and my friends' televisions. At overnights and slumber parties. To not perform the song would've been sacrilege. So I did. Standing at the top of our lane, dancing, performing, doing the Time Warp (again!).

My hair was flying; my choreography and lip sync were spot on. At one point, I heard Flora say "this is why I have such a hard time remembering she's shy." Lithus has informed me people gathered in the door of the room to watch and one guy even pulled up a chair. My focus was on Lithus and Flora. And resetting my brain.

It worked. I feel great. I feel creative. I know my characters and their stories and as soon as I hit "publish post" I will write them. Guess I didn't fuck it up.

Those are Pobble Thoughts. That and a buck fifty will get you coffee.


Dennis R. Upkins said...

Glad I was able to help, as turnabout is fair play. ;D

BostonPobble said...

Dennis R. ~ I warn you, many more days like today and you will be become indispensable. Which, as Crow Mother will attest, is a double edged sword at best. :) Seriously, my friend...thanks.

lithus said...

Pobble was fabulous with her hair flying; With a step to the left.
A stunned woman next to us grabbed at her gawking son and covered his eyes all the while trying to flee.

(Not realy but they seemed to leave rather quickly.)

I may be projecting but I am sure that the young man discovered something lurking deep inside of him, embers were fanned into flame.
Oh My!

It was amazing and it was surreal to be in the middle of suburbia and listen to "I will survive" and "Timewarp" being played in the bowling alley.

"Its time!" she said. "Its time to lipsink for your life! And don't f$%k it up."

Pobble didn't. :D

2 Dollar Productions said...

I guess bowling & lip-synching really does cure all ills. Ha.

Seriously, it definitely helps to get a change-of-pace tune-up, especially when things aren't feeling creative & you're pulling words through a strainer. Ugly.

Hope it's back on track now . . .

christine mtm said...

it's just a step to the left...

love you!

Hermes said...

I'm actually a little wierded out. Of all the things to come on screen. I swear I am not in touch with the supernatural in any way, shape or form. Either that... or my agents are everywhere.
I credit the BS filter thing to Des Kennedy. I went to hear him speak of writing once, many years ago and that one always stuck with me.
But it would make a good desk plaque and I'm sure Kennedy wouldn't mind.
Remember to take care of yourself, lipsynch often, and never be afraid to boogy in a bowling alley.

Cam Pike said...

That must have been fabulous. I wish I had been there to sell popcorn!

Every once in a while you just have to let it all go.

Krystal said...

Wish I were there!!! I use to play Janet! I bet you make an AWESOME Magenta!!!!

It just isn't the same if it's not on the Big Screen though...

Gay Soldier's Husband said...

Um, I'd like to point out that Get Off My Lawn and I suggested transvestites and aliens, both of which apply to Rocky horror (don't they blast off somewhere in the end?) Although we did say bar instead of bowling alley...

Obviously, the font of creativity flows deeply from balls, pins and fishnet stockings.

I would have given my left testicle to be there.

nRT said...

Sounds like you had a blast...and you had an audience. Life is too short to worry about other people's (strangers)reactions.
keep having fun. I don't have a right or left testicle to give but I too would of loved to have been there.

Rose said...

You had a great time and that opened up your creative mind. What a good way to stimulate yourself and thay was a good break.